If my girlfriend is pregnant what do I do

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You as the boyfriend need to support her financially and emotionally, this is a new chapter in both lives. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-my-girlfriend-is-pregnant-what-do-i-do ]
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My girlfriend is pregnant.What do we do?
First of all, I’m getting a good feeling from the fact that you say ‘we’ instead of ‘she’ in the title. Don’t consider leaving her for even a moment, you need to love and support her through this. Live up to your responsibilities and see wh…
How to know if my girlfriend will get pregnant?
well if you want to get her pregnant then you have to find out when she’s ovulating which is when she’s most fertile and can get pregnant! to calculate that you can use the ovulating calculator in the website www.babycenter.com and after ha…
Is there a chance my girlfriend is pregnant?
Possible, but unlikely. There really isn’t anything that can be said more accuratly when it comes to pregnency.

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Do you think that my girlfriend is pregnant ?
Q: My girlfriend and I are both 17/ We have had sex about 5 times for a month unprotected. She says that her nipples are tender and she is always hungery. she gets nausea and always says her stomach hurts.
A: Yes, she could be pregnant. Especially having unprotected sex. Wait until she misses her period. Wait one week afterward. Have her take a test first thing in the morning because that is when the test can best detect the hormones. Best of Wishes! = )
My Girlfriend is pregnant with our baby, recently myself and her mum have caught her punching her stomach..?
Q: Im concerned for her mental stability, this isn’t normal behaviour!! and the health of our unborn baby, she’s tried to get an abortion but her doctor has told her she’s to far gone, she’s known she was pregnant for 4 months and at our last scan there was a bleed coming from the baby. We live in England, What can i do? is she committing any offence’s?In response to pejayuk’s comments this is true, but we decided to try for the sake of the baby to give it another go. And your right i’am confused, we got back together for the baby & then this all comes to light.
A: This isn’t a police issue. You need to go with her mother and talk to her doctor, arrange an appointment so you can speak about your concerns. Tell him or her exactly what you saw your girlfriend doing. It may be that she needs to be taken into a hospital for a while so she can have her mental health assessed. But for whatever reasons she is obviously in a lot of distress. Don’t delay, do it right away, preferably first thing in the morning. Good luck! 🙂
My older Bro girlfriend is pregnant..they like it aborted, is it the right thing to do?
Q: he’s just 19 y/r old and he’s home for sem break and he seems bothered, last night he told me hes gf is 4 months pregnant but he dont like to marry her. she’s 21 and they said they want the baby aborted but my bro dont like the idea. were catholic and abortion is not an option..shd we tell our parents for sure they will get very very very mad at him…im 16 still a virgin cos my gf and i thought we’re not ready for this kind of thing…please help..thanks
A: Abortion is a wonderful option to end an unwanted pregnancy from becoming an unwanted child. Abortion would be a good choice in this instance because the pregnancy was unplanned, is unwanted, and between a young uncommitted couple still completing their education. Abortion would allow them to continue their lives as if the pregnancy never occurred.By the way, at four months along she should get on it. Abortion is often illegal after 20 weeks and becomes more complicated the longer you wait.
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