Is diareah a symptom of pregnancy

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Diarrhea is a symptom of pregnancy. Some women get constipated while others get diarrhea. ChaCha~ [ Source: ]
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Is diarrhoea a symptom of pregnancy?
Not neccesarily, diarrhea is a non specific symptom. Could be something you ate, a viral or bacterial infection, dehydration. If your worried about being pregnant go spend a few dollars and get a home pregnancy test. If your diarrhea is per…
What causes diarrhea?
Acute diarrhea is usually related to a bacterial, viral, or parasitic infection. Chronic diarrhea is usually related to functional disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease. A few of the more common causes of …
Can diarrhea be a symptom of pregnancy?
No diarrhea isn’t a sign of pregnancy. Especially that early. It is a sign of stomach “bug” or something you ate didn’t agree with you. Women don’t usually have any symptoms of pregnancy until at least 4-6 weeks along.

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flu like symptom’s during pregnancy?
Q: im 7 weeks pregnant . I was just fine about 2 weeks ago . Friday I started feeling weak nausea but not throwing up and now diahrea . I been drinking plenty of powerade gatorade and eating lipton noodle soup because its the only soup i can hold down . I was wondering if this was normal to feel like this while pregnant? I have not thrown up at all wile pregnant just ever thing i eat usally comes back out in the case of diareah the next day or a few mins after wards . This is my 2nd pregnancy and my first one was not like this at all i just had nausea with him . please help I cant see my obygn till im 10 weeks ( idk dont ask) . thanks a be kind on the answers .
A: You can still call your doctor and ask even if they refuse to see you until later. I have some of the same symptoms as you (headaches, body aches, diarrhea and nausea), and my doctor said everyone experiences morning sickness differently and this was my version. It feels like the flu an hour or two each day but goes away and comes back, no fever though. I tried eating smaller, less greasy meals throughout the day and it seemed to help a little bit.
is sudden loose bowels (diareah) normal during pregnancy?
Q: i woke up this morning with some mild cramping, and have gone to the bathroom already like 6 times. i dont have any other symptoms of being sick. is this normal? im 25 1/2 weeks pregnant.
A: There are very few things that are not a normal symptom of pregnancy:) That being said, diarrhea is a common one… many women find that their hormonal levels influence the behavior of their bowels, both while pregnant or nonpregnant.On the other hand, it’s not like diarrhea is exactly an unusual symptom. You could have a mild tummy bug as well. As long as you are able to keep hydrated and you get better in a few days I wouldn’t worry too much.
what are some symptoms of pregnancy? please help :(?
Q: my boyfriend and I had sex about 6 weeks ago, i was on my period and the condom broke. I know that its a very low risk of being pregnant but I feel weird about myself right now. I’m not sleepy but i’ve had insomnia for about 3-4 months now and i usually never went to bed until anywhere from 5-7 am and i’ve been getting extremely tired around 3-4 am and alot of the time around 6-10 pm which is very weird. My boobs have been hurting like crazy and whenever my period is about to come my nipples start hurting. but even my nipples plus my entire boob is hurting. They also feel bigger. I’ve had diareah the past 2 days. I’ve had cravings for fast periods are very irregular.. usually i get it every other month and this month it hasnt came yet.
A: no period, frequent urination(sometimes urine has a strong odor), tired, sleepy, flu like symptoms or nausea
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