Is it bad to lose weight while pregnant

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It is not good to lose weight while pregnant but you can do it carefully. Talk to your doctor before doing so. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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Is it bad to try and lose weight while your pregnant??
I gained over 50 lbs with my first pregnancy and didn’t lose any afterward….less than a year later I am pregnant( 4 months) with my 2nd and being already overweight, I don’t want to gain more. I feel like since being overweight I’ve had s…

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Is it possible to lose weight while pregnant?
Q: I’m 28 weeks pregnant and have gained 42 pounds!!! I was 130 (at 5’6, slim with muscle mass) and now I’m 172!!! I’m a junkfood junkie so have been giving in to my cravings without mercy and haven’t been excercising regularly. I haven’t gotten wider really – I just have a beachball belly and have gained fat in my arms, legs and face mostly. My question is – is it possible to lose some of the “bad” weight that I’ve gained and tone up now? Not by going on a diet (as in starving myself or cutting out essential carbs or meats) but as in eating completely healthy (no more junk food) and excercising by walking, swimming, and light strength training.Will this help me lose the ugly fat? Or will this just only let me maintain where I am? I really want to slim down my now-chubby arms and thighs.Any advice?Okay – I’m really wondering how many people on this thing can actually COMREPHEND a question when asked? Telling me that I’ll jepordize my baby’s health by eating healthy and excercising is ridiculous! That’s what I’m SUPPOSED to be doing and haven’t been. Also, telling me to give in to my cravings is a stupid idea. A few of them,yes…but if I gave into them all I’d be 250 pounds by now!! And since I crave nothing but junk what good does that do for my baby??? Nothing!! There are no nutrients in junk food!!!Before you answer – read the question above carefully – it’s very simple. It’s a yes, you can tone up and lose some of the fat if you start doing what you’re supposed to. Or no, you won’t gain any more bad fat if you eat right but you can’t tone up or lose it just yet.By the way people – my doctor TOLD me to cut the junk food and start excercising!!!! I’m not a high-risk pregnancy. I’m perfectly healthy and young!Okay – I can see I’m not going to get anywhere with people on this thing. Comprehension must not be a strong point on here. And swimming is one of the best excercises you can do during pregnancy.
A: Yes, you can lose weight while pregnant, but do so VERY slowly. As in, about 1 lb per week. From what I was told while I was pregnant, burning that fat releases toxins into the body. Doing too much at once could be harmful to your unborn child. I gained quite a bit of weight the first few months, realized I had to cut out giving into cravings, and lost a few pounds. By the time I had my daughter (39 weeks 5 days) I had only gained 19 pounds total. Working out will make labor easier. Walking and yoga are totally safe but one you get to the last six weeks you may want to stick to swimming because it is so low impact. Don’t forget to do your kegels they do help quite a bit. Good luck!! Even if you don’t ‘lose’ weight, you may be losing fat. As the baby grows, and the fat slowly dissipates, your weight may even out. As long as the baby continues to grow and have healthy vital signs, you should be fine. And stay hydrated!!
Why is it bad to try and lose weight while you are pregnant?
Q: I am pregnant which totally puts to a halt my weight loss progress! Seriously, what’s the worst that can happen if I continue trying to lose weight?
A: You can still exercise and be healthy even though you are pregnant. But to try and keep your weight down will deprive your baby AND YOU of nutrients you both need. It is smart though to be healthy and stay in shape will you are pregnant. For one, it makes delivery easier and sometimes faster. Also, being in shape will help you get back to your pre-prenancy weight, but dont do anything too rigorous because that might hurt your baby. My doctor told me that women who ate fish at least one time a week had children with higher I.Q’s than those who didnt. Dont know how much truth that holds but its a good idea to talk you your doctor about it. There are certain fish you shouldnt eat because they contain too much mercury which can be harmful to the fetus. But fish does have lots of protien and eating it regularly is always health so if you want to stay in shape that sounds like a good choiceLike everything else, when you start a new workout routine, discuss it with you doctor to make sure its safe for the both you. She know better than anyone! And dont forget, your baby is depending on you to be healthy for her/him. Its not only about you anymore, but your baby too, which should be who you’re most concerned about.Good Luck
how do you lose weight while pregnant?
Q: im about a month away from giving birth to my daughter and ive noticed that ive packed on AL OT of extra weight on my legs and arms and some extra on the stomach that’s a bit more then just baby weight. I was wondering if there is anything you can do to lose the weight without it affecting the baby in a bad way.
A: If you dont want to gain anymore weight eat healthier but leave the dieting for after the baby or she will lose nutrients as will you and leave you exhausted, more than you already are. Take advantage of the next month, everything else can wait. Best of luck.
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