Is it possible to have twins and for them to have different dads

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It is possible to have twins with two different fathers. One lady recounts her experience in the linked story. Very interesting! [ Source: ]
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Is it possible for twins to have different dads?
The first answer is wrong. It IS possible for fraternal twins to have different fathers. This happened just recently in May 2009 in Texas. Mia Washington had an affair and got pregnant by 2 different men at the same time. Fraternal twins ha…
Is it possible to have twins by two different fathers??
If two eggs are fertilized by different fathers, then yes. Fraternal twins are formed by two separate eggs being released and then fertilized. If sperm from two different fathers fertilize two different eggs, then you can have twins with di…

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Is it possible to have twins with different dads?
Q: I need solid proof for my friends.
A: Yes it is possible. It is called superfecundation. See this dictionary explanation:
Twins with different dads? possible..?
Q: didn’t know this was possible. Somebody told me it wasn’t…..But here it is anyway.
A: its possiblejust very very very rareessentially the mother would have to drop two eggs around the same timethen she would have to have sex with two different men within days of eachotherand both men would have to fertilize one of her eggsthen the eggs would both have to impant into her uteruscausing the twins to be ferternal, not identicalthis happens all the time with feral cats:a female gives birth to a litter of 6-8 cats and there generally is 2 or 3 fathers to the entire litter (which is why my black cat had a calico mom and a tiger stripped littermate, two different daddies)but as common as it is for cats and other animals,its still very rare for humanspossible just very very very rare
Is it possible to have twins that have 2 different dads?
Q: Me and my bf keep arguing about this b/c he thinks just b/c Maury said it then it must be true, but I’m not going for it b/c I think it’s medically impossible.
A: Fraternal twins can have two different dads, because fraternal twins develop from two different eggs and two different sperm.Identical twins cannot have two different dads, because it is one egg, and one sperm.
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