What are some different baby names

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Are you looking for baby girl or baby boy names. One of the popular names is Aidan. The meaning of the name Aidan is Little Fire. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-different-baby-names ]
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What do you think of theses different baby names?
I love the name Brika, and Rain and Ember are cute too. I think the name of a girl really affects her personality. For the boys Sabar is just tooo cute. And uncommon. It will make him look cool in school. Ghandi isn’t my favorite but Akoni …
What are some unique different baby names?
Kalista-means most beautiful. I love it so that’s what I named my girl.
Why do we have names for different baby animals?
For the same reason that men have so many names for the opposite sex. If it is interesting, then people will find a word to describe it.

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What are some really good different baby names?
A: I am in love with the name Harrison for a little boy. For a girl, I like Paige.
What are some unique different baby names?
A: Kalista-means most beautiful. I love it so that’s what I named my girl.
What are some really different/rare baby names that actually sound nice?
Q: I don’t like really traditional or common names but I also don’t want one that sounds really weird. Any ideas?thanks
A: It can be challenging because just when you think you’ve come up with something unique and different, it suddenly becomes the latest naming trend! The “collective unconscious” I guess is to blame! I agree you don’t want to make something up, that just sounds weird. So here are a few to think about:Girls:AllegraBiancaBlossomCamillaDaphneDeliaGeneva GretchenJewelKalilaLorraineMichaelNolaRenataSylvetteTamsinVidaZeldaBoys:AlisterBaronClarkDamonDuncanEnzoForrestGrantIrwinJoachim (JOE -uh-keem)LemuelMiloOrlandoPascalQuentinRangerSeamusTigeUlyssesVanXavierYanniSaint names are a good source for “real” names that are unusual and uncommon if there is no religious conflict for you.
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