What are the chances a pregnancy test is wrong

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E.p.t(r) Plus/Minus and e.p.t Certainty(r) are more than 99 percent accurate. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-chances-a-pregnancy-test-is-wrong ]
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What are the chances that the pregnancy test is wrong??
False positives are almost impossible no matter how badly you screwed up the test. This is because you only get a positive if the strip is exposed to a high enough level of HCG–something you don’t have lying around your bathroom (so you co…
Is There Any Chances Of Negative Pregnancy Test Done After 10 Day…?
A pregnancy test at the time of missing of periods is 95% accurate if done properly. If test is negative at the missing of periods on due dates then there are still chances of pregnancy. This can be true if someone has ovulated and conceive…
S. when should i take a pregnancy test and what are my chances of…?
Ashley, Since you took emergency contraception right away, your chances of getting pregnant are extremely small. If I were you, I’d relax. You really don’t have anything to worry about. If you still want to take a pregnancy test just to hel…

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What are the chances pregnancy test results are wrong?
Q: What is the percentage??
A: Home pregnancy tests are typically 99 percent accurate and most reliable if taken a week after a missed period.
What are the chances that the pregnancy test is wrong?
Q: I took a pregnacy test the two lines one. I got one dark line and one fade line that means pregnat right? what is the chances that it is a false postive. the tes was a 5 day sooner one. pls help ty
A: Your pregnant. The second line doesnt have to be dark. It just has to show up. If you are still not sure..wait a few days and do another test.
What are the chances of a positive pregnancy test being wrong?
Q: I did a clear-blue easy digital one in the morning on monday that was positive and one on tuesday night that was negative. I am not supposed to get my period until the 30th or 31st. Just curious, I’m a little anxious to know.
A: There have been issues with false positives on the Clearblue digital. Here is the text from an article on it:”False positives on Clearblue, e.p.t., and generic digital tests: some confirmed incidents ongoing issue; current as of October 2006 In October 2005, after receiving e-mail from several women complaining of false positives on digital tests (e.p.t. Certainty, Clearblue Easy Digital, and various generic digital brands inclusive) I reported the claim here and asked for more information and anecdotes.In the months that followed, I did receive more e-mail on this subject– about 20 more women reported “Pregnant” readings followed by subsequent negative tests and bleeding. It is difficult to confirm a false positive vs. early miscarriage (many women test positive and proceed to have a period-like bleed; this is also known as a “chemical pregnancy.) Even blood tests can’t always confirm this, since hCG dissipates from the blood before it leaves the urine, meaning that a blood beta can be negative while a urine pregnancy test is still positive (for a short time.) However, these reports are credible for a few reasons; for instance, many of these women continued to test negative on all other brands of test; again, it is less likely that a digital test would confirm pregnancy “in isolation” with no other tests ever becoming positive. Some women managed to confirm, without a doubt, that they were never pregnant– some of them tested (obsessively? 😉 prior to ovulation, when pregnancy was not yet even possible. The difficulty in gauging the size of the problem with the digital tests is that I have no data on how many women have used the test with accurate results as opposed to those who have received false positives; I have only anecdotal reports. I’m sure tens of thousands of women have used the test with accurate results, myself included. It is still much more likely that the word “Pregnant” on your digital test indicates pregnancy than a false positive.”Here is the website if you want to read more:http://www.peeonastick.com/issues.htmlThe other possibility is that you used first morning urine on Monday and more diluted urine on Tuesday evening, and that might have made a difference since it is still early to detect a pregnancy. The best thing to know for sure is to take a reputable test (First Response) with first morning urine tomorrow. That should let you know for sure, one way or the other.I hope it works out however you want it to!
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