What are the chances of it getting you pregnant

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You can get pregnant even if you have not had your first period yet. Even with birth control 5 to 8 out of 100 get pregnant. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-chances-of-it-getting-you-pregnant ]
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Many women wonder what are the chances of getting pregnant. Typically after a woman’s 28 day cycle they are fertile for about days. A mans sperm can survive in a woman’s body for at least 48 hours and sometimes longer. The odds of a woman g…
It’s really hard to say. In ‘actual use’ condoms tend to have around a 15-20% failure rate (that means 15% of women get pregnant in a year of use) BECAUSE so many couples don’t use them correctly — they have sex for a while and then stop…
Hi Kelly, More women become pregnant in the first month on the pill than anytime, because they are new to it, so they often forget. But if you took it like you were supposed to, used a back up method the first week, or didnt have sex the fi…

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What are the chances of getting pregnant….?
Q: What are the chances of getting pregnant after you have been trying for a year?I was just wondering, because the doctor told us after a year of trying and not having any luck, we are considered infertile. Thanks
A: Don’t believe that crap the doctor said. There are many women that have tried getting pregnant for years and after trying some natural and holistic methods they ended up pregnant. In fact i have friends that were in the same situation. Go check this site out and see if you can find answers. It has helped quite a few people. Good luckhttp://www.pregnancymiracle.com/?hop=stic66
what are the chances of being pregnant?
Q: my sister was on the pill and was on the last week (reminder pill) and was going to be switching over to the shot. she received the shot on a tuesday (during the week of the reminder pill) she had sex on that thursday and friday (same week of reminder pill) i told her on the following monday that the shot does not go into full effect till the next day (tues, a week from the day she got the shot.) now she is worried about being pregnant. she wont get her period for another three months because of the shot. is there a chance of pregnancy?
A: the pill usually messes with your hormones so much that it’s hard to get pregnant immediatly – not impossible though. I’ve known plenty of people to get pregnant immediately after getting off of the pill. Wait 3-4 weeks to take a pregnancy test and go from there – there is really nothing she can do now if she is pregnant, since it’s been over a week since the last time she had sex, the day-after pill certainly won’t help.
PCOS. unprotected sex. birth control for 3 years. chances of getting pregnant?
Q: what are the chances of getting pregnant if she has PCOS and had been on birth control for 3 years. we had unprotected sex but i pulled out. but went back in again (some might of went in)thanksyeah she explained that its painful but has been taking the BC because it lessens the pain. i also read about it cause i’m a little worried (only 19) and found out that if youre trying to get pregnant, the treatment birth control is something to not take. but she is. idk if that made sense hahaha it’s confusing.
A: pretty slim for sure. PCOS already makes it very difficult to concieve because you dont ovulate regularly, plus being on birth control almost makes it impossible. But you never know. Is happened before….. very very rarely but it has. But i wouldnt think her chances are very high. PCOS sucks. so i wouldnt worry about it if thats what the question was. If you are still worried, have her take a test in about 3 weeks.
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