What are ways to make the baby move

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One good way to get a baby move is to try drinking a very sugary drink such as a juice drink or a regular non-diet soda. Thanks! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-ways-to-make-the-baby-move ]
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Is there any way to make the baby move?
He probably is moving around a lot, but you just can’t feel it all the time. He is still small and has lots of room to swim around — you won’t feel his movements unless he bumps into the side of the uterus. As he gets bigger you will feel …
What are some ways to make the baby not kick sooooo much!
wen i was pregnant i would take a nice bath, usualy if yur relaxed the baby will be relaxed. good luck!
What are ways to make a pregnant woman have a baby quicker??
If the baby is not overdue you don’t try to force early pregnancy as the baby could get stressed and could suffer serious harm, if the baby is overdue, the doctors will worry about this before you will and take the suitable measures to star…
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