What body part do babies come from

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Babies are formed in the Uterus, which then pass through the birthing canal on its way out. Thanks! ChaCha Ching! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-body-part-do-babies-come-from ]
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What part of your body does a baby come out of??
Babies come from your Vagina
What Part Of The Body Does Baby Turtles Come From??
Baby turtles are born from turtle eggs which were produced and fertilised in the mother turtles reproductive organs how old are you?
HOW COME they say its harder to get your body back after each bab…?
You will look wider, as your body will have done this to accomodate the baby (no matter the size). Of course you will lose this if you watch what you are doing food wise. Also if you are breast feeding you will regain it even quicker, but d…

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How can i stop my husband from exhuming my baby’s body for compensation?
Q: My baby died over 20 yrs ago then about five years ago i found out that she had been one of the children who had been involved with the organ scandle which started from the reports about the Alder Hey taking of organs with out permision. All i want to do is put the rest of my baby’s parts in her grave i do not want any money from the health authority as i have come to terms with what had happend and now consider her parts over the time of her death has served a perpose for many more children and she has helped to the advances in the health of other children. So if any one could tell me how i can stop my ex from taking legal action and from stopping him from exhuming my baby’s body all i want is to place in the grave the rest of her body parts i dont want to replace her with money unlike my ex husband
A: You would have to file a lawsuit seeking an injunction against him, though it is unlikely that you would succeed, because your rights are no more important than his in this case. I would definitely speak to a lawyer.
how to tell a 4 year old where babies come from with out grossing it out?
Q: she is very hmm wanderign for her age she wants to knwo everything we call all our body parts bye there real names at home we dont say pee pee or tee tee i just dont like that method i think children should know the real word for it (but also knwo hwo to use it in a apprioate way) she knows alot for her age and we take it step by step and explain to her about life miracles and she asked the other day mommy why does litlle girl have small boobwies and bwig girls have huge bwoobbies accept you (my husband died laughign) i explained to her and siad that when you get older you mature and other stuff well recently my curious li ldevil wants to know where babies come fro mand we want to tell her btu this time i can find a good way any way to tell her in an aproiate kid way so she would get a hint i dont wnana tell her tooo muchshe is i ndaycare rite now but we are planning to home school her she is A.D.D and is really full of well sugar hyper all the time and can really on consantrate when we make herim pregnant right now at the moment
A: This question comes from all children at some age. It sounds like you are on the right track, by calling the body parts their correct anatomical name.I simply did what you are doing, answered the question, simply and directly, without going into more detail than was necessary. I told them that the Mommy has an egg, and the Daddy has a seed. When Daddy gives Mommy the seed, she can make a baby. The end.
what part of the vagina does the baby even come out of?
Q: Okay i just thought of this i know weird i’m a girl and I have NO clue…. what part does the baby come out of??and how can a living thing come out of a small thing? its a Beautiful thing that comes out of ya but how? I’ve been looking at This and see no way!http://www.scarleteen.com/article/body/anatomy_pink_parts_female_sexual_anatomysorry if this may sound stupid but i’m curious!!… i’m a girl and I’m gonna wait until i’m older to have sex Ive never been kissed or had sex and i’m 17 is that good? that i’m at least waiting?thanks..please NO rude or immature comments!i’m serious here!Wasn’t sure where to put this!um we havnt had sex class yet lol!!:Pi know weird? thats texas for ya!I’m also reminding myself about the morning sickness…i’ know a lot about that and everything so i’ll at least be prepaird!:Dhehe!My plan is not to have sex condoms dont do anything i’m gonna wait untill i’m with that right guy… I’ll just kiss but no sex untill i’m ready and i’ve been with the dude long enough not just few months but a couple of years at least..
A: its very good of you to not be doing anything sexual yet, you are still young and it will be so much better if you wait till your older and with the right guy.A baby is born out of the vagina, where you bleed from every month. Yes that teeny tiny hole can fit a babies head out of because your body releases hormones to make everything nice and stretchy.And YES it bloody well hurts like HELL, so do your self the biggest favour of your life and ALWAYS use a condom when you do start having sex. Make sure they are always in your purse along side your lipstick and tampons! Never trust a guy to buy them, you never know what situations you can get yourself into once you are older so you should always have back up. Tell your girlfriends to do the same!Believe morning sickness is the easiest part of being pregnant….its the baby at the end of it that is the thing you have to learn a lot about!best of luck
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