What can cause a missed pregnancy

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The most common reason for missed pregnancies are chromosonal abnormalities. Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-cause-a-missed-pregnancy ]
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What can cause a missed period other than pregnancy??
if you have ovulated later you could be pregnant and there is not enough HCg in your system yet to get a positive stress can cause periods to be late i would get a blood test done
What could cause a missed period besides pregnancy?
lots of things. anything that isnt right for your body. you should be able to tell-possibly stress, not eating well enough, eating disorders, illness. hope that helps. I agree with the person ahead of me, that many things can cause a missed…
Is there anything that could cause missed period 6 positive HPTs …?
Yes…….pregnancy. See your doctor for confirmation. Congratulations.

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What would cause a missed period other than pregnancy?
Q: I have a very regular cycle and the only other time I have missed my period I have been pregnant. I have taken two pregnancy tests and both had negative results. Can anyone help?
A: The most famous one is stress, but other biggies are: crash dieting, very low body fat (I’m talking ballerina/marathon runner/anorectic low body fat), premenopause, missed/delayed ovulation… and of course, the ever popular “Dunno, stuff just happens”.Give it another few days and take another pregnancy test, just to rule out the possibility of early pregnancy. If your period is more than several weeks late, call up your doc and make an appointment.
What are other reasons besides pregnancy that would cause missed periods?
A: There are so many PCOS, Stress, STD’s, Rapid weight gain or loss, Too much exercise, illness (any type of reproductive organs or their hormones illness, other illness, ex knew some one lyme Disease and it affected it), depression, pseudocyesis, stopping Birth control Pill, Ectopic pregnancy, anovulation, some contraceptives (like Depo-Provera, missed ovulation… If you skip more then two go to a doctor.
Are there any reasons other than pregnancy that could cause a missed period?
Q: I already took 2 pregnancy tests…one the day after I missed my period, and another 4 days later. I’m now almost 8 days late. Should I take another test, or could there be another reason?
A: Stress is a very common culprit. In some folks, an increase in exercise or extreme forms like extended running or body building can cause missing periods. Some illnesses can derail nature’s rhythm, too. It is always best to check with your doctor. If you cannot afford one, free clinics abound. Please … take this seriously and speak to a doctor or RN right away.
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