What causes constipation in early pregnancy

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The change in hormones is what causes constipation in early pregnancy. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-constipation-in-early-pregnancy ]
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Is constipation an early sign of pregnancy?
It could be. It could also be a new, early symptom of PMS. Both early pregnancy and PMS are fueled by the same hormone – progesterone – although in different amounts. Many women notice that the signs of PMS – sore, tender breasts, bloatin…
How early on in pregnancy does constipation start??
Constipation is not a normal stage of pregnancy. If you are eating a healthy diet it should not be an issue. I have four children and never had a problem with it.
Can you suffer from constipation early in the pregnancy??
Yes Pregnancy Symptoms can vary from women to women.

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What is the cause of lower back pains in early pregnancy and…?
Q: What is the cause of constipation during pregnancy?Does it have anything to do with your kidneys, and not drinkingenough water now that your pregnant?
A: lower back pain is caused by a number of things… your body is adjusting to being pregnant, ligaments are loosening, you are putting on weight and your hips are spreading. these changes may be subtle but they all add up to back pain. also, constipation can cause back pain.constipation can be caused by the use of prenatal vitamins as well as hormonal changes. your intestinal motility decreases during pregnancy due to a reduction in certain hormones which cause muscle contraction.
Any other preggie women had this eating and then digestion issue during pregnancy?
Q: Ok, so I think I might be preggie, less than 8 weeks if I am. I started off with hot flashes and clamminess, my boobs dont hurt and no nipple darkening but they are bigger/heavier, constant bathroom trips, constipation when I am normally regular, soo tired i just had to lay down, what i thought was implantation bleeding, barely uncomfy stomach cramps, a spell or two of nausea, and hungry all the time, especially for carbs. For the first part of the question, the eating thing, I cant find anything I want, out of a whole pantry/fridge of food, and I dont feel like eating all day, but then at night its all I can think about. Did anyone else go through this, its not really nausea, its just feeling like I cant eat anything and like I will get sick if I do. The other part, the digestion, Ive always been fairly normal, and then the past few weeks its been constipation (no real change in diet so I dont think thats the cause) and now the last two days its been diarrhea when I do have to go. Did any other preggie women go through these changes and so quickly in early pregnancy?
A: I got pregnancy symtoms really quickly. I took the test for a 2 day late period, found out I was pregnant and within the week couldn’t keep anything down. The breast soreness/nipple coloration didn’t happen until about 3 months in. I didn’t have stomach cramps or implantation bleeding at all, but that would happen about during the implantation, not pregnancy, so that would have been a month or more ago by your calculations. Take a test, that way if you are pregnant, you can begin taking prenatal vitamins and taking care of yourself so that you have a healthy baby. good luck.
Is this something I should be dealing with?
Q: I’m 7 weeks and 6 days today. I had been dealing with some constipation and last night it flipped on me, now I have a tummy bug. I am so miserable and I have yet to enjoy pregnancy. What I’m wondering is, can me being this far along, yet so early, cause me to have diarrhea? Thanks in advance <3
A: that is a common question asked by my OB… if I have difficulty to pee or to move my bowels… it is expected with pregnancy coz the estrogen produced during our pregnancy doubles (especially during the 6th to the 12th week) and it relaxes the walls of our stomach and intestines… ergo the morning sickness, the acid reflux, dyspepsia and either constipation or loose tools… my doc prescribed me a medicine when drinking tea didn’t help… I suggest you ask your OB if you can take something or if it’s best to wait it out :o)
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