What color is the vaginal discharge if you are pregnant

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Your vaginal discharge should be the odorless or mild-smelling milky discharge you normally have. It may increase in volume. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-color-is-the-vaginal-discharge-if-you-are-pregnant ]
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What Color Is Your Vagina Discharge When You Are Pregnant??
Vaginal discharge is considered as normal if you are not having any problem like itching, burning sensation etc. Normal vaginal discharge is odorless and milky either you are pregnant or not. The quantity of this discharge increases during …
What Does Having A Vaginal Discharge Mean?
Find out what you need to know to distinguish a normal vaginal discharge from an abnormal vaginal discharge. Comments No comments yet. Leave a Comment Leave a Comment Name Email (never displayed) URL Your Comment Line and paragraph breaks a…
What kind of vaginal discharge is most common if you are pregnant…?
Clear, odourless discharge and sometimes a creamy type of dishcharge and lots of it is normal during pregnancy. If you have a smelly or particular coloured discharge it maybe the sign of an infection and worth mentioning to your Doctor.

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Does vaginal discharge mean that you are pregnant?
Q: My girlfriend and i were messing around. We didnt have sexual intercourse, but im a liitle afraid a little bit of prec** may have gotten touched her vagina. My pen**didnt go inside but she has told me that she had a little bit of discharge (clear in color, and odorless. We did this the 6 days after her period and she started feeling just a little ovulation pain 3 days later (pain was on and off for about 3 or 4 days)May she be pregnant?
A: it’s HIGHLY unlikely – however…stranger things have happened. there is a little bit of sperm in pre-*** and if she was “wet” enough there it could servive…but like I said – very very unlikly. And to answer the question – no discharge isn’t a sign of pregnancy – woman have excresions all the time for many different reasons – but I don’t believe pregnancy is one of them. sometimes if a woman is worried that she’s pregnant – she can start having “symptoms” of pregnancy just because she’s stressed about it. the best way to know though is to take a test. good luck!
Im 32 weeks pregnant and vaginal discharge has completely stopped since last night?
Q: I went to the bathroom last to pee and when I looked in the toilet there were something dark colored in the bottom. It was in like 4-5 pieces and very small…Then when I went to pee again later I had the regular discharge (white chucky looking) but it had a small dark spot in it… Since then Ive had no discharge. Ive had a little increase in pressure but not to bad. What could it be?
A: Your mucus plug maybe?? You can lose bits of it over time. My discharge slowed down for a week or so with my last pregnancy at about the same stage. It eventually came back full force again. No worries. I think you’re fine. Is baby still moving regularly? No contractions or bleeding? If you’re really worried it never hurts to give your ob a call. That’s what they’re there for. Good luck, hon!
Pregnant with pink vaginal discharge, good, bad?
Q: I am ten weeks pregnant and I have had a pink vaginal discharge for about two weeks. I have read that this can be normal but I have also heard of this happening for a shorter period of time before a miscarriage. At first it was sort of brownish pink with cramping about the time I would have had a period. Now it is only pink but seems to be darker pink. I am wondering if this is just normal or if there is something I should be doing or not doing and pretty much all the possabilaties for this condition. I have had a lot more discharge in general which I know is normal but with extra discharge a different color I got a little worried. I did see my OB yesterday and she did examine me but didn’t really say anything here nor there just asked me how long I had had it. She seemed somewhat concerned but I was too tired to think of asking questions at the time. (freaking 9am appt!) Thank You for any help.
A: I would call your doctor back and ask. It may be ‘normal’ for you but could also be a sign of a problem with the pregnancy. The doctor can do blood tests to make sure you are not having a miscarriage.
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