What do you have to do to have a baby

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To have a baby you would need to have intercourse during the ovulation phase of your menstrual cycle. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-have-to-do-to-have-a-baby ]
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have unprotected sex….but watch out because you could be risking yourself to hiv/aids and other std’s
If you are a mother who is nursing, avoid sugar, spicy foods, tobacco and alcohol, as these may aggravate your baby’s symptoms. Other things that help relieve your baby’s symptoms include burping the baby often, making sure the baby is eati…
I have those days, my son just acts like I’m such a bore, it just seems like nothing works. Those are the days that we end up sitting in his room for hours while he shows me all of his toys… or I try to bring the kid out in me, I act as s…

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How do people think it is okay to have a glass of wine or a beer while pregnant?
Q: Anything that you eat and drink goes to the baby.I think of it this way-if I wouldn’t put it into my baby’s bottle than I will not drink it myself.I have even heard of doctors saying a little booze won’t hurt.What do you guys think of this?
A: We have major campaigns in Australia stating ” No Alcohol during pregnancy is the safest option” As everybody is different and so is every pregnancy, and nobody nows exactly how much alcohol is safe for YOU and YOUR baby! What might be ok for someone else, might not be ok for you.
Coupon sites that you don’t have to add them to your toolbar do they exist?
Q: I am trying to save alot on groceries and baby items and every printable coupon site I find wants me to add it to my toolbar yikes I don’t want to …. Help I am a very thrifty coupon woman any new ideas?
A: yea this is the perfect site for all of those things you do not have to do anything it is all free you just clip and print your coupons out and they have all sorts of great coupons!! http://www.allprintablecoupons.com
PREGNANCY: What advice would you give to a new mommy? I have a lot of problems sleeping on my front lawn…?
Q: I need to know what to say to my son’s girlfriend. He has no job, he dropped out of college, he has blue balls, he lives in our garage, and he got a woman who is not his longtime fiancée (his fiance of 10years. they have been engaged since he was twenty and she was 16) pregnant. The woman (who is carrying his child- not his fiance, his mistress) just turned 18 and plans on keeping the baby even though she didn’t finish high school and her parents kicked her out. She is now sleeping on our front lawn because she got in a fight with my son and he won’t let her back in to the garage. What should we do? Should we raise the kid as our own and get a restraining order against our son? Should we get third jobs so that we can support our son, the girl he got pregnant, and the new baby? Or should we move away?
A: http://answers.yahoo.com/search/search_result;_ylt=AvN4.OJGs4sDpir1DlI3VoV77hR.;_ylv=3?p=PREGNANCY%3A+What+advice+would+you+give+to+a+new+mommy%3F+I+have+a+lot+of+problems+sleeping+on+my+front+lawn…%3FWill you stop trolling around asking this question?? You have asked the same question for over 8 months now with different user names.Enough already with your fake sob story.Oh, and to answer your *question* I think you should move away.
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