What does inducing labor mean

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If labor doesn’t start on its own, a practitioner can use medication and other techniques to bring on (or induce) contractions. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-inducing-labor-mean ]
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What Does “Inducing Labor” Mean?
Today inducing labor at the hospital has become a common medical intervention. Pregnant women are prescribed pharmaceutical labor inducing remedies as early as 37 weeks of their pregnancy, sometimes resulting in premature babies. Due to the…
What does it mean to have labor induced?
For many, the prospect of inducing labor may seem intimidating, which is completely understandable. On the contrary, there are women who embrace the experience for its sense of control, and the opportunity to be slightly m…read more Pregn…
How many times should i have sex to induce labor i mean how many …?
I would say once in the morning, and once at night. I’m going to try the same thing. I was thinking i’ll have sex in the morning and then id prop my legs up so that the sperm didnt “leak” out. Then id do it before bed, and i’d sle…

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does inducing mean quicker labor??
Q: im 39 weeks and 3 days they said im already a tight 3 cm dialated, im scheduled to be indced tuesday if i dont go into labor before, is it quicker when your induced??
A: Induction means you’re transition into active labor will be fast – which is why they say the contractions are more intense, because you don’t get to slowly ease into it. But I think the overall speed of the whole labor still just varies by woman. I was induced a little over 3 weeks ago. It took me a long time to get to a 4, but after that, everything went extremely fast. Whether you’re fast or slow, just do your best to stay comfortable and rested (through whatever pain management options you want) through the day, so you’ll have the energy you’ll need when it’s time to push.good luck
If BH contractions are becoming more intense, does that mean labor is on its way soon?
Q: I am obviously past my due date, and I have noticed my braxton hicks were getting more intense last night, and they started up again this morning. Just wondering what others have experienced–more looking for answers from those who went into labor naturally rather than induced. Thank you.
A: it sounds like early labour keep relaxed while your going through the BH i know they can be pain full at times but breath through them and stay calm your baby is on his/her way. x congrates by the way
When they induce your labor does that mean they give you a pill to start dilating or what happens?
A: If your cervix has not started to soften, efface, or dilate but inducing labor has been determined to be beneficial to mom and baby, the doctor will usually begin by trying some methods to make this happen. You could have a membrane strip which does release natural prostaglandin. You can also have a gel insertion of prostaglandin. This hormone signals it is time for the cervix to prepare for labor. If your cervix is ripe enough, a doctor may choose to induce with pitocin. Pitocin is a synthetic form of oxytocin. It is given in controlled amounts through an IV. Any artificial means of inducing labor come with risks to both mom and baby. Additionally, attempts at induction do not always work either.
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