What does it mean if your period is late

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This could mean a few things. Such as, you could be pregnant or you could be late because of stress, and illness. More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-your-period-is-late ]
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When did i ovulate? if my period was late (really late) does that…?
You’re likely to be most fertile from Tuesday, July 17, 2007 to Sunday, July 22, 2007. If you were to get pregnant during that time, your due date would be Friday, April 11, 2008.
Does a Late Menstrual Period Mean I Am Pregnant??
One of the first signs of pregnancy is a late period. But missed periods do not necessarily mean that you are pregnant. If you’re sexually active and have missed a period, then it is worthwhile to take a pregnancy test. You may still want t…
What does it mean if my period is late!
Women’s bodies aren’t clockwork. Lots of things can affect your period. About a month ago we had a REALLY hot spell, and my period was delayed about 10 days… I wasn’t sleeping well due to the heat, which put a strain on my body, and stres…

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Does a late period also mean late ovulation?
Q: Let’s say that your period usually comes around the 16th, but this time, you didnt get it until the 1st of the following month… Would that also mean that instead of ovulating on the 1st,2nd (somewhere in that time frame) of that previous month, that you did not ovulate until the time you were originally supposed to start your period? Does ovulation ALWAYS occur 14 days before your period, no matter how late your period is?Thanks!
A: It doesn’t necessarily have to be 14 days before your period, but it’s roughly 14 days and usually remains the same (mine is 16 days before) each cycle for a specific woman. So, yes, a late period means a late ovulation. The only way to know the exact date of ovulation would be to do Basal Body Temperature charting.
if you ovulate late, does it mean your period is going to come late?
Q: it seems like I am ovulating on the 18th day after my period started. I am using the ovulation kits (i had to get extra sticks), and today it showed the LH surge. What does it mean? Is my period going to come late, or still come on its day?
A: It depends on various things. If your eggs are producing sufficient progesterone then it will come about 14 days later. If they are not then it could be earlier. Are you trying for a baby? If so and you are ovulating and then your period comes quickly afterward (short second half of cycle) you may find that there is not enough time for the egg to implant before your period starts. If this is the case you could think about using a natural progesterone cream to supplement your own AFTER ovulation. (effectively trying to extend your cycle) These creams (you’ll have to shop around) only contain tiny amounts of the hormone, but it might be what you need. I would also suggest saving money on the ovulation predictor things and buying a book on natural fertility and a (special type) of ovulation thermometer, you may learn more about your body that waygood luck
What does it mean if your period is late twice?
Q: I have had a regular cycle period for awhile now, but the last two times I have been late.Last month, I was 9 days late. Then, this month, my period is running 7 days late and seems to be no where in sight. Could my body just have reset its cycle? Or is this something that I should see a doctor over?- I don’t have unprotected sex- Took a pregnancy test, which came out negative- I do stress a bit, but doesn’t everyone?- No weight changes- No schedule changesI’m not really sure why this would happen.
A: Stress, change in weather. Anything can lead to having a late period. If it happens again next month, make an appointment with your doctor. It is probably nothing, but it is better to be safe than sorry.
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