What happens to the baby When you have a miscarriage

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Depending on the stage of pregnancy, a miscarriage may require a procedure necessary to remove the baby, or it may pass naturally. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-to-the-baby-when-you-have-a-miscarriage ]
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What happens to the baby in a miscarriage?
No the baby doesn’t dissolve. It passes through you. You get what is like a very heavy menstrual period. Very heavy and painful. After a miscarriage they say to wait three months. It’ takes an emotional toll on you so it usually takes more …
What happens a baby after a miscarriage?
Well the baby dies and the tissue and fluids are either naturally expelled or sometimes depending on how far along the mother was, she may need to have a surgical procedure called dilation and curettage where they go in and remove the tissu…
Does anyone knows what happens to the baby’s when you have a misc…?
I too had a miscarriage recently. mine was at home, so after the giant blood clot (that’s all I am willing to call it to save my sanity) fell into the boots I was wearing, it was flushed. at a hospital, it is either treated as medical waste…

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What happens to a baby/fetus when the mother has a miscarriage?
Q: When a mother has a miscarriage what happens to the baby or fetus when still in the womb…
A: ??? what
What happens to the baby when a miscarriage occurs in the second trimester?
A: Depending on how far along in the trimester, the baby may have to be buried. I think that if you are 5 months along or more is when you have to name and bury the baby.
What happens to the baby when the mother has a miscarriage?
Q: I have this question for a school project in child development class… So what exactly happens to the fetus when the mother has a miscarriage in both early development and later development? Are there any websites that describe this well?
A: In early development the baby is just disposed of most hospitals treat them as waste. Late Development (after 24 weeks) the baby by law must be buried or cremated.
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