What if it is pain below your belly button and you are pregnant

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When your belly button hurts during pregnancy, it’s often because the uterus is pushing against it. If you’re worried, see a doc! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-if-it-is-pain-below-your-belly-button-and-you-are-pregnant ]
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What can cause a quick pain right below my belly button during pr…?
First of all calm down! Their is a name for it but unfortunately I forgot = I have the same pain every once in a blue moon and its perfectly normal for pregnant woman according to my OB I actually asked her about it last week. Uh! I will a…
Is this pain below my bellybutton normal at 21 weeks pregnant??
It shouldnt be painful at this point if it is your baby, because the baby is still pretty small. It sounds to me like “round ligament pain.” that would be the ligaments stretching that is helping to hold and accomodate your growin…

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14 weeks pregnant slight sharp pain right below belly button?
Q: Hello, for about…a hour or so I’ve been feeling this slight sharp pain right below my belly button on the right side..any idea what this could be?Thank you!
A: Could be gas or a sign of a UTI. Mention it at your next appt. G/L! Congrats!
12 weeks pregnant and having a pushing pressure pain below my belly button?
Q: I have a Dr’s appointment on Tuesday but I thought I would post of here to see if any one else had experienced this. I have this pressure below my belly button. It hurts but not seriously bad (kind of like a cramp) Has any one experienced something similar???
A: you’re going to have what feels like period cramps, it’s your stomache/ muscles stretching and making room for the baby I had the same thing, nothing to worry about. But if you have bad pain, and any bleeding that is a major concern. ALSO I had lots of cramping oftenfrom the baby growing, it was never because of miscarry.
Abdominal pain below belly button?
Q: About a month and a half ago, I woke up with my stomach swollen out so far I looked about 9 months pregnant (I’m 5’6 110lbs, my stomach is flat), and it hurt really really bad (I have chron’s, I know pain, this was painful). Every time I stood up that day, I blacked out (you know little fireworks in front of your eyes, and then you pass out). The swelling went down by the next day.I went to the doctor on July 2. They ran some tests to see if it was the Chron’s acting up, and they came to the conclusion it wasn’t. So they did a pelvic exam, nothing looked abnormal. So they ordered a abdominal and transvaginal ultrasound to look for tumors and cysts. Again, nothing looked wrong. They sent me over to my G.I. doctor, who reviewed the tests and ultrasound results, and again, had no answer as to what is hurting. I am not constipated, an have had no other symptoms of the Chron’s (diarrhea, the unique pain that feels like I’m getting ripped in half, no fever, no high white blood cell count, no signs of current inflamation on the colonoscopy), so I m confident it is nothing in my G.I. tract acting up.The pain comes and goes, and is localized to right below my belly button, and there is even a little pooch forming. I’ve been feeling like I’m going to start my period since the first episode, and I did have 1 really weird period about 2 weeks ago, I bled super light for 2 days, heavy for another, and then it was gone (my cycle is heavy from the first day till the last, and has been for 10 years, since my first period).Somewhere deep inside, I just know it’s in my lady parts. But I have no idea what it could be. I have no std’s, I don’t have pelvic imflamitory desease (I’ve been tested for both), and it can’t be pregnancy, or they would’ve seen it on the ultrasounds, or in my blood and urine tests. There are no tumors or cysts. What could it be?????
A: talk to a gynecologist
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