What is the pill

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The Pill refers to birth control pill used to prevent pregnancy. It contains hormones that block the release of eggs from ovaries. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-pill ]
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What is the best diet pill for woman from personal experience or witness?
Q: My wife is trying to lose weight I need the best advice.
A: Hey Joe,I’m not a women, but my wife is. I did help my wife do some research on diet pills and i found this useful website discuss about various brands and type of dieting pills. My wife is taking Hoodia Gordonii Plus and she tell me is work. I can’t help you to decide which type is the best because every people their body is different. So you take a look and choose which is the best suite for your wife.http://www.my-linker.com/hop/Manage-Weight-Loss
What is the best supplement to help burn calories?
Q: Is there a vitamin or pill supplement that helps your body burn more calories in a day?? Thanks
A: Omega-3 fish oil is said to break down fats in the body. Many athletes, boxers, etc. take them.The problem is, like all miracle pills– they only work on the margin.You still have to diet and exercise otherwise it won’t do you any good. Any pill that claims to be able to make you skinny while you eat junk food and sit on the couch all day are misrepresenting itself.
Why I am continuously bleeding after I stopped taking the pill?
Q: I was on the depo shot from November-April and then in April I switched over to the pill. I was on the pill for four months and stopped taking it in August. It is now November and I am bleeding continuously! I have been bleeding now for almost 4 weeks. Why is this happening? I dont think I’m pregnant, but it is a posibility. Should I call my doctor? Is this normal?
A: The pill modifies your hormones and the balance of different hormones, so it is only natural that your period should be a bit out of whack after you stop taking it. If the bleeding persists however, you should see a doctor.
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