What is the soonest you can experience early signs of pregnancy

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Pregnancy symptoms can start as early as the first week after conception but they are more likely to start around 6 weeks. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-soonest-you-can-experience-early-signs-of-pregnancy ]
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When is the earliest I would experience signs of pregnancy and wh…?
I have been reading ladies stories on 2weekwait.com, and it seems that you can possibly have minor symptons from the day after conception, it is rare but possible. In fact, i’m just 3DPO and I have been having small cramps and twinges for a…

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Early signs pregnancy!?
Q: I’m sure you all get sick of this question lol I plan on taking a pregnancy test and going to the doctor and all that jazz but seeing as it may be to soon to tell i really dont want to go sit in a doctors office and wait for them to tell me well.. NOTHING! So i came on here in hopes of finding women with experience in baby makin that could help me shed some light on my situation. Well i had unprotected sex with my husband december 22- Jan 3 (hes off on business now) since then i havent noticed to any symptoms.. but this last two days my body is freaking out. I have tender breasts but not painful just tender, i’ve been having migraines or headaches, i also noticed this creamy white ODORLESS discharge thats watery. which isn’t normal. I’ve NEVER EVER had discharge like that before. I cant go off any missed periods because i had an IUD taken out in October and it can mess with your cycles.. so.. counting on a missed period is out of the question. Anyway.. tell me what you know ladies! FYI.. i dont have a yeast infection (>_<)I’m also very tired no matter how early i go to sleep.. i cant get rested. Which isn’t normal for me. I can sleep for 3 hours and be just fine.oh also i noticed a little bit of blood in my panties a few days after we had sex. implantation bleeding?last period was November 22
A: it is possible but you did not state when your last period was, so its hard to tell. seems that the tenderness and tiredness would be a bit early for real symptoms seeing as it takes a while for the egg to implant and cause the hormones that cause these symptoms but you never know…also, bleeding a “few” days after sex is usually NOT implantation. that usually takes a couple weeks after fertilization. anyway, without more information, its really hard to say and even with the info it would be hard since everyone is different. best of luck tho!
Am I experiencing implantation?
Q: I did an OPK on sunday 3/1 which was positive. My husband and I had sex 2/24 & 2/25. We then had sex 2/28 2 times) , & 3/1 , & 3/2. I had ovulation pains on 3/1 and 3/2 which was ovulation. Since then I have had cramping, lower back pain, and this morning I noticed a light pink discharge when I went to the bathroom. Alot of people indicate that you don’t have signs that soon. My period is not to begin until 3/14.I know that you can make your body have signs of pregnancy, but can you make yourself have spotting or something??? What do you all suppose this is? Does it sound like maybe I am having early pregnancy signs?
A: its very possible!you would be about 4 days past ovulation today.. (if i understand your question right) and the “time” implantation takes place is about 6-10 days past ovulation… but its never a sure thing! and 4 days is pretty close! :)but the spotting may also be from all the sex lately :peither way good luck! and hope its your month chica!
Early pregnancy… a few questions?
Q: Haha… yet another pregnancy question! Believe me, I’m full of them! I am around 7 weeks and a few days… first pregnancy… young and healthy 🙂 I was wondering (although I know it’s different for everyone) when did you start to show with your first pregnancy? Is it true that if you are more lean you will show sooner?If I am not yet experiencing any morning sickness… is this a good sign that perhaps I won’t?At exactly what stage can you tell the sex of the baby? I have researched this, but suprisingly found many different answers! Some feedback?Thanks :)PS- The symptoms I am experiencing are very sore breasts which only started in the past week, a serious food aversion to spanish food after my vacation last week in puerto rico! (sooo weird… I loved it and then when I came home thinking about it made me want to puke! But no nausea other than this.) A little bit of bloating, and possibly some cravings already! Luckily for fruit :)I’m going to add: Would sunbathing or snorkeling on my vacation have any effect on my baby? I also believe there were 3 nights on my vacation I forgot my prenatal vitamins! I had just found out about the pregnancy and was not in the habbit yet… is this okay?!Ok enough with the questions for now! Appreciate all answers 🙂
A: I was very lean before I got pregnant, and I started showing really early on. It was noticeable to me around 10 weeks, but to everyone else about 12! hopfully you will be lucky enough to elude morning sickness, but I began my morning sickness around 6 or 7 weeks and it lasted for 10 weeks! It was awful too, all day, everyday! No relief, and then one day it was gone.Dr.’s usually schedule a sonogram when you are around 18 to 20 weeks. Where you can find out the gender. This is your “half-way” point where they want to check to make sure the baby is growing at the proper rate, and to make sure everything with baby is going smoothly. If you get one sooner, it is normally because the Dr. wants to check something out. The soonest that I knew a person who found out the gender was when she was at 15 weeks.I doubt that sunbathing or snorkeling would hurt your baby. But when you go see the Dr. tell him/her that you went snorkeling and where you were, because some foreign waters contain bacteria that might be unsafe for baby.Don’t worry about missing those few vitamins. Just try to get your habit going, it may take time. They are important, but your baby won’t be harmed if you forget a few here and there.Good luck and Congratulations; you have a long road ahead still, but believe me it goes quick! Luckily we have YahooAnswers to help us through it…lol
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