What is your chance of getting pregnant on the birth control shot

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The chances of getting pregnant when using the birth control shot are 3 in 100 over the course of a year. Thanks for asking Claus! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-your-chance-of-getting-pregnant-on-the-birth-control-shot ]
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What are the chances of getting pregnant while using condoms or b…?
It can still happen, although the chances are fairly low. If you are using the birth control correctly, it is anywhere between 95-99% effective.

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what is the chance of getting pregnant while on the birth control shot?
Q: i just want to know what the chances of being pregnant while being on the birth control shot because if it is a big chance i think i should get a test
A: According to the prescribing insert the shot is 99.9% effective. Like all meds though anything can happen
I’m trying to get pregnant.Just recently stopped the depo-provera birth control shot Do I have a good chance?
Q: I’m really looking forward to having a baby. I’m just worried that it will be hard to do so with me just recently going off of the shot. I’m not really sure how easy it is to get pregnate after the shot. I just need some answers on how to go about getting pregnant and how good my chances are.Thank you.!
A: Don’t expect to get pregnant a month after stopping the shot. In the first website listed: The average time it takes for a woman to get her menstrual cycle back after taking the shot is 5 months. For some women, it takes less, and for others, it can take over a year. It takes an average (keep in mind, only an average) of 6 mentrual cycles for women straight off ‘the shot’ to get pregnant. In the second website listed: “These effects on the ovaries and uterus are reversible and regular menstrual cycles usually return 3-10 months after the last injection. Pregnancy will generally occur within 12-18 months after discontinuing DMPA injections. The length of time DMPA is used for contraception has no effect on how long it takes to become pregnant. It is recommended that injections be discontinued one year before a pregnancy is desired. This recommended time period allows the menstrual cycles to return to a predictable pattern, which helps determine the pregnancy due date. DMPA will not cause birth defects even if a pregnancy occurs while actively on or immediately after discontinuing the medication.”Good luck to you!
What are the chances of me getting pregnant while on the Depo Provera Birth Control shot?
Q: I just wanted to know how well the shot works to prevent pragnancy! I have been on it for over a month and have had my first period while on it. I just was wondering how effective it is!?
A: none but the depo mess you up really bad
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