What pregnancy test is the most sensitive

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The First Response, Early Result Test is the most sensitive at home test. It’s always best to test after a missed period. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-pregnancy-test-is-the-most-sensitive ]
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When should i take a pregnancy test yahoo answers?
Pregnancy. Pregnancy is the condition of having a developing embryo or fetus in the body. The union of an egg (ovum) with sperm is called fertilization, or conception, and it is this union that produces the embryo…
What is the most sensitive home pregnancy test?
Consumer Reports shows that First Response Early Detection is the most sensitive, showing positive results sometimes 2-3 days after implantation.
Which Home Pregnancy Test is the most sensitive?
I took a FR Early Result one day before my period was due and it showed a really dark positive line. The same day I took a dollar store pregnancy test and it showed a faint positive line. So my guess is that the FR test was more sensitive t…

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What is the Most Sensitive Pregnancy Test?
Q: I’ve heard some store brands are even more sensitive than First Response and Clearblue. Does anyone know which brand is the most sensitive? And how do I know? I don’t really want to spend hours in Walgreens reading pregnancy test boxes….
A: First Response has proven to be the most sensitive pregnancy test on the market. If you don’t want to shell out top dollar use a generic First Response($18) by a store like Target ($9). Be sure whatever test you choose has a sensitivity level of 20 IU/L because, this one will be more sensitive than one with 50 IU/L or 100 IU/L. If you are testing very early I would consider testing with your first morning’s urine, since this specimen should contain more of the hcg hormone. The second test to use would be Clearblue Easy if you do not have axcess to a store that sales First Response. I wish you success with whatever test you choose. Remember if you are pregnant to choose a great prenatal vitamin!
What is the most sensitive pregnancy test available?
Q: Also, what is the earliest you have tested and gotten a positive result on a pregnancy test? What brand was it?
A: First responce, but believe it or not the $ store preg test is really good. It pics up 20mUI’s of the hormone which is excellent for a cheapo one 🙂
How soon can I test for pregnancy, and which tests are most sensitive?
Q: The only reason I ask is because my husband and I weren’t as careful as we should’ve been this month, LOL, and I’d like to know as soon as possible. See, I’m on a diet right now, and my caloric intake is around 1400, and I think that’s too low for pregnancy. How sensitive are the early pregnancy tests and how soon could I take one? (It’s been a few years since I thought I was pregnant before my period was due, lol) My last period was March.4th.So I should be able to test now and *maybe* get a result?
A: First response can be done 4 before your period is due, however, I did this test a few months ago, only 1 day before my period was due and it showed as negative. I was very upset, but three days later I repeated the test (It comes in a two pack) and it was positive.
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