When are you most likely to get pregnant on birth control

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If you take birth control properly, the pill, for example, it will have a 5% fail rate. Fail rates depend on what type you use. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-are-you-most-likely-to-get-pregnant-on-birth-control ]
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How likely is it to get pregnant when your on birth control??
Most modern birth control methods report a 99% success rate when used as directed. Unfortunately, many people do not use them “as directed” or are unaware of possible complications. For example, many types of oral contraceptive ca…
How likely is it to get pregnant while on birth control??
hi the contraceptive pill is very effective and the figure you qoute is prob accurate, the problem is most women who do get pregnnat on it have not taken it correctly-either missed pills, late pills or started late after their pill free wee…
Is it very likely to get pregnant from precum while having been o…?
When I would get on birth control my doctor would tell me that it can take a month for it to fully work the way it should..so if you had sex 3 weeks after taking it..there’s a slight chance. It all depends on how fully it is working w/your …

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How do you know when your most likely to get pregnant during the month? I’m on birth control- what week is it?
A: Because you are on birth control, depending on what kind you are on there is no time to get pregnant, the whole point of birth control is so your ovary doesnt release an egg so you can’t get pregnant, now if you are on the pill and you miss a day then well you might release an egg. so the best way to get pregnant ditch the birth control
Is it likely to get pregnant when you take your first birth control pill after having sex?
Q: Me and my boyfriend were having sex and realized that we had unprotected sex. He pulled back out before he ejaculates, and that’s when we realized that we should’ve used a condom. I took a birth control pill after that, but I never had used a pill before. What should I do? Is there a chance that I can get pregnant? HELPThanks so much everyone, I’m really scared myself too.
A: Yes you can get pregnant.You have to be on the birth control pill for awhile before it starts to work. Its highly reccommended that you use another form of birth control for the first month that you are on the pill.The pull-out method is a poor form of contraceptive. A guy does release pre-seminal fluids before he ejaculates… those fluids can contain sperm.. it only takes ONE sperm to get you pregnant!
How likely is it to get pregnant on birth control when my boyfriend doesn’t ejaculate in me?
A: If you’re on birth control then it’s very, very slight.
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