When does ovulation occur in a girls period

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Ovulation usually takes place 14 days after the beginning of your menstrual cycle. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-does-ovulation-occur-in-a-girls-period ]
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Do girls score lower in tests during their period/ovulation??
I sometimes do, because of not concentrating as a result of too much pain. And yeah… amber4176, sometimes the pain is just too bad, and even taking pills doesn’t give complete relief.
When are girls most likely to get pregnant? When is the time of o…?
Girls don’t get pregnant, WOMEN do. If we are menstrating, we are women, not children. Women ovulate mid-cycle, about 14 days following the start of her period. PMS would likely occur slightly after implantation.

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When is the ovulation phase period for a girl occur?
Q: exactly how many days after the periods does the ovulation phase start?
A: 7 give or take a couple of days.
does ovulation occur before your period?
Q: are their any signs in your body that suggests that it is occurring (such as discharge)? also, i heard that this girl had sex during her period (which i think is nasty). can she get pregnant if protection was not used?
A: Yes, ovulation occurs before your period and after it too. It’s a cycle and every body is different. Ovulation is when the unfertilized egg comes down and waits to be fertilized. Your period is when your body lets all that tissue and blood (including the egg) release. Your body makes all that tissue just in case the egg is fertilized and gets ready for a baby. But when the baby doesn’t come, it drops it all out and the cycle begins again.Yes, your friend can get pregnant during her period. It’s unlikely, but possible. Sperm can live in your body for five to seven days, so if you ovulate during that time, you could become pregnant.
Does ovulation happen before menarche?
Q: Ovulation is the process of producing,storing and releasing ova into the fallopian tube every month. It happens before the start of a month’s period.Girl babies are born with hundereds of eggs in their ovaries. So does ovulation occur every month, before female harmones are produced and before puberty begins?
A: never!!!!!!!!!!!!!menarche=commencement of menstrual cycle in females…1st menstrual cycle starts then ovulation occurs…
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