When does ovulation occur in a woman

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A typical cycle lasts 28 days, day one is the first day of the period, ovulation will occur on day 14. But this varies. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-does-ovulation-occur-in-a-woman ]
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When does ovulation occur?
Ovulation is differant for everyone. If you chart your temp and cervical fluid you can figure it out or if you take ovulation tests you can also figure it out. MOST women who have a 28 day cycle ovulate on day 14, however, not all do and no…
When does ovulation occur in a woman’s 28 day cycle?
The average woman’s ovulation occurs on or about the 14th day of the cycle. If you monitor your cervical mucus, it will be the day that the cm is clear and heavy.
How early during a woman’s period ovulation occur?
It is unlikely that you would conceive during menustration, especially on the first day of your period. Ovulation usually occurs between 5 to 14 days after the onset of ovulation, most commonly between. The egg can take up to several days t…

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When would ovulation occur if a woman has a long period?
Q: If a woman has a period which lasts 8-9 days, when would ovulation occur? Periods are 25 or so days apart.I know that a woman generally ovulates 7 – 12 days after the start of her period, but if her period is so long – when would she ovulate?Thanks!
A: I agree that the luteal phase is always more or less 14 days long, so you should be able t count back from your next period due date and work it out from there. The length of bleeding doesn’t have much to do with your actual ovulatory cycle, but if you have short cycles, be sure to ask your doctor to check that your endometrium is thick enough by the time of ovulation (in your case, around CD11). He will be able to do this with an internal ultrasound right around CD11, and because it’s a diagnostic procedure, this should be covered by insurance.
when exactly does ovulation occur? what are the physical signs a woman is ovulating?
A: You are actually only fertile for about 3 days (can be up to 6, if everything is amazingly in sync). Basically the two days before you ovulate (because sperm can live in the uterus for up to 72 hours) and the day after you ovulate. After that you are back to being infertile. The best thing to do to determine when these times are is to chart your cycles. If you would like to learn more about that, go to my link below and contact me.Ovulation dates need to be determined by charting your fertility cycles. With charting you can determine when you are most apt to ovulate (which is always counted from the end of the length of your shortest cycle).The part is called the luteal phase and it is the most consistent part of your cycle.For charting purposes, you start with the first day of your menses, which is any bleeding, the brown discharge is just old dryer stuff, it is still part of the lining being released. With charting you will learn to recognize all the signs of fertility. You monitor your resting temperature every morning to determine when you have ovulated. You also monitor your cervical fluids (for ‘egg-white’ mucus) and your cervical position (to be high, open and soft), These last two tell you when you are most apt to ovulate.Hope that helps, if you want to know more, check out the link below and drop me a line.
How many days after ovulation does implantation occur if a woman becomes pregnant?
Q: ALSO , is there such a thing as implantation bleeding? I ovulated on the 19th of April and today I experienced some brownish, mucus discharge like you would get at the end of a period. My period is not due until May 5, 2008 and I am trying to concieve baby # 3. PLEASE SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY
A: I am by no means an expert… the information I have is from months of research (I am trying to conceive for the first time). The widest range I have heard of implantation happening is 5-14 days after ovulation. Implantation is most likely around a week after. One thing I have learned is that everyone is different. That sounds like it could be implantation bleeding… but maybe a little soon. The hardest part of all of this right now is waiting to find out (at least for me).
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