When is my baby due

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ChaCha guides aren’t psychic. When was your last menstrual period? I can give you a good estimate of when your baby is due. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-is-my-baby-due ]
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like we know?? like a 11 year old should not be having sex to begin with and the mother and father should have there daught put in a convant right away if she was having sex period how sick
go to babycenter.com and it has a due date calculator……it will tell you exactly.
If you just found out you’re pregnant one of the very first things you’re probably wondering is when your baby will be due. If you already know the date of conception Determining your due date will be a lot easier. There is a specific formu…

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Possible to finish a graduate class when your baby is due in September?
Q: Our first baby is due in mid-September, and I start my final grad school class for an M.A. during the last week in August. Should I try to start the class, take an incomplete if I must, or just skip the semester altogether? In addition, is a 10/hour per week assistantship too much to do when you’ve just had your first newborn?I would not be working another job outside of the possible teaching assistantship during that time.
A: You have to make that decision for yourself. Do they offer on-line courses? I am in the Master’s program and there is a girl in my class who is pregnant, but because we only meet once a month, and the rest is online she is doing it. I believe she has had or getting ready to have the baby. Anyway, remember you will not have sleep for at least the first month, and newborns take alot, but if you have support then you could possibly do it.
Is it totally unreasonable to consider taking 1 class a week,when my baby is due during that quarter?
Q: My winter quarter starts January 7 and my due date is january12. If I attend just 1 class a week in person & some others online ,I can keep my financial aid expense funds for that quarter. I know with a new baby I am really gonna need those funds,plus I think getting out of the house once a week will be good for me. My husband says he will watch the baby while I am in class.Am I being overly ambitious? I know I can miss a class the week I give birth if needed and I plan to deliver naturally-fingers crossed.This is my first pregnancy so I need to know if Im being ignorant about this. I am normally very active and really dont want to take a full quarter off school…
A: if you think you can handle one class, be sure to discuss it with the professor to make arrangements for the classes you’ll miss. most women bounce back pretty quickly from birth. and i do agree, it will do you some good to get out of the house once a week. it will also keep you on the right path to finishing that degree!
How do I get things started when Baby is past due?
Q: My baby is due today but as far as yesterday, my cervix is closed. I am willing to wait a little and dont want to force anything to happen but if he deosnt arrive by next week then my doctor will have to induce me. I dont really want to be medically induced beacause my doctor said there are some risks. And potential for c section if things dont go well. I dont want a c section or those more painful contractions caused by medicine.What could I do naturally if I ended up needing to?Thanks for all your advice. 🙂
A: I had a friend who was told to drink castor oil. She put some in a chocolate milkshake and went into labor the next day.
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