Why do my ovaries hurt

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Could you be pregnant?It could be anything ranging from an ovarain cyst to endometriosis to just regular ol’ cramps.ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-my-ovaries-hurt ]
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It is not uncommon for woman to feel discomfort in theor ovaries. Most woman complain of ovarian pain while they are ovulation or during their period. If the pain persists outside these times you should seek a physician.
They may have released an Egg.
Abdominal/pelvic pain that is similar to that of period cramping may indicate a problem in a reproductive organ (like the pain around your ovaries or uterus). This includes conditions such as endometriosis (when tissue from the uterus is di…

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Why do my ovaries hurt after running?
Q: Everytime AFTER I run, my ovaries hurt like if I am having menstral cramps. Sometimes it hurts so bad that I have to stay hunched over for several minutes, squeezing my lower abdomen. I asked a doctor why it happend and he said, it might be a cyst, however, one was never found and he couldn’t think of anything else. What could be causing this severe pain?
A: it may not be your cyst. when you run you could be extending your legs too much which could hurt your pelvic muscles and your hip and lower stomach muscles hurt badly!!! good luck! email me with any questions!!!!!!!! angie
why do my ovaries hurt after sex?
Q: I’m a really small woman and everytime after sex my ovaries hurt, I figured at first maybe I’m always going to be some what tight because of my size but I don’t see how thats possible. We use a condom every time, trust me I’m wet enough too so what else could it be? Some times it’s rough sex but even when it isn’t it still hurts!
A: Please see your doctor, so as to get a real diagnosis.Just tell the doctor what you’re experiencing. The doctor is there to help you. You should not be in pain. It could be your uterus is tipped and he’s hitting your cervix. Or maybe you have cysts on your ovaries. If it’s painful because you are tight it could be your pelvic floor muscles are tight and that’s what’s hurting. Good luck to you.
My ovaries hurt off and on all thru the month till i have my period. Does anyone know why?
Q: I went to my doc. and she said that the reason my ovaries hurt so much was because I was ovulating to much and if I was to get pregnat I could possible have twins. I dont think this is the reason they hurt this much. So any advice would be great!
A: It is called “painful ovulation” It is real and it is caused by ovulation. When your older, and you have a child, this may get better. Mine did. Try taking motrin before your ovulation time (or when you feel the pain) that should help a little. You ar normal, don’t worry.
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