Will there be heavy bleeding during your miscarriage

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Bleeding is normal during a miscarriage, but heavy bleeding needs to be evaluated by a doctor, as there is a risk of death. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-there-be-heavy-bleeding-during-your-miscarriage ]
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Can heavy bleeding and cramps be something else besides a miscarr…?
First are you 100% your are pregnant and if you are then unfortunatly i believe the answer is yes! Beleeding in this early stage of pregnancy in 90% of cases means a misscarriage! If are pregannt there is no reason why you should be bleedin…
Do you bleed heavy with a miscarriage?
Not necessarily, every miscarriage is different. You might bleed heavily or you might bleed like you are having a light period. I miscarried my second pregnancy at 7 week and had bleeding like a normal period and no cramping. Now with you…
Did you have a miscarriage if you had bad cramping and bleeding b…?
If the bleeding wasn’t heavy this should be normal, but anytime you bleed you should let your doctor know right away.

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Bleeding during miscarriage…?
Q: During a miscarriage is it normal to bleed very heavy for a day, then totally stop, then start bleeding very heavy again the next day? What makes the bleeding stop and start? It seems to come along with the passing of clots.
A: o definitly! when i had my m/c last year it was awful. i literally had to sit on the toilet because a pad couldnt hold what i was passing..but i found it was really normal during the day and it got heavier at night. i took a voltaran to ease the pain and fell asleep, in the morning bleeding was normal again then started up during the night once more…i guess were all different.if ur experiencing alot of pain the best thing to take is a suppotasary..what u put up the bum…just wanted to let u know that..sorry for ur loss
Odd bleeding during pregnacy…or miscarriage..your opinion please?
Q: Happend a while ago..but very much on my mind being I have no answers..Anyways I was on the pill for 3 years. Had a perfect 28 day cycle..ect. Well I started my period on August 28th 2008. Its ended as normal and I started a new pack of pills on the sunday..as normal. WELL. About 2 or 3 days into the pack I started bleeding super super heavy. Tons of clots. But NO pain. I figured it was something to do with my pills so I called my doc and he told me to stop taking them and he will put me on somthing new. So I did. Well the bleeding was so heavy but only lasted about 3 days I think. Well when it stopped I had sex which was on September 5th. And again on the 7th. And not again till September 16th and the 17th. Well I ended up missing my period on September 25th. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative! I took one everyday..finally a weeks after my missed period it was still negative so I gave up..well I had some more test left over so i kept testing..Finally got a faint positive test on October 8th. So yes I got pregnant. Anyways based on my lmp My due date is June 4th 2009. But I had like 4 ultrasound done by 4 different doctors before my 12 week mark and they all dated my due date at June 15th 2009. SO my question is I guess could I have been pregnant before all the bleeding? If I was wouldnt the dating be very different? Wouldnt the HGC levels be different. Cause my first doctor appt they were very low he said. Also I had a large yolk sac. So How about if i lost a twin?? My doctor was never able to tell me what the bleeding was I had because I never went to him for that. But if it was a twin I lost Wouldnt it have showed up? When could I have ovulated? I had a perfect 28 day cycle..so why wouldnt they be using my lmp datingNow im 32 weeks with a healthy baby growing inside. But I think about this everyday. being a first time mom im kind of in the need to know as much as possible to understanding the pregnancy.
A: Odds are, they probably set your dates based on your sonogram, rather than on your LMP. Reason being, sonograms are typically more accurate at predicting pregnancy age than LMPs are. Bearing that in mind, it is possible that you were pg, miscarried and got pg quicly after that. I miscarried my first pg on April 4th, 1995 and conceived my oldest son on April 15th, 1995. Needless to say, my doctor was in a bit of a tailspin when we discovered I was pg, and I too, had to go through several sonograms. They wanted to make sure I hadn’t m/c a twin and yet retained the pg, and since they didn’t follow my HCG down to 0, they really weren’t sure. Strange thing is, when my son was born, she thought he looked “overdue”…which seems logically impossible given the circumstances. To make a long story short, there’s a possibility that you had been pg prior to this pregnancy. Your HCG level may not have been high enough at that time to produce a positive test result. I assure you, even with a perfect 28 day cycle, you can be pg…lol. I went through that with my daughter, and I was panicked thinking I was going to m/c at any time during the first 5 mos of my pregnancy. As much as I hate hearing this, and don’t like saying it either…every pregnancy is different. Try to relax and not read to much into it. As long as things are progressing on schedule with your pregnancy, you don’t really need to worry too much about the start of it. Easy to say right? I know, there’s always that “what might have been” in the back of your mind. Try to stay positive, enjoy those little kicks and congratulations to you!
during a miscarriage, is it normal to go from light to heavy bleeding pretty easiy?
Q: ive tended to pass blod clots while my bleeding was heavier, and nothing is passed when my flow is lighterhow long should a miscarriage last?
A: Both of my miscarriages went from light to extremely heavy & my miscarriages both lasted almost a week, then I had a week of very light bleeding.
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