Can you die from taking two Ritalin pills

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If Ritalin was not prescribed to you by a doctor there is a possibility that taking two Ritalin could lead to serious heart and blood pressure problems. It can be fatal. [ Source: ]
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Can you die from taking two Ritalin pills
If Ritalin was not prescribed to you by a doctor there is a possibility that taking two Ritalin could lead to serious heart and blood pressure problems. It can be fatal.

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How has your mental health journey progressed?
Q: Hey guys,I’ve fought with many MH issues these past couple of years -all my life truly- starting in ’06 when my grandfather died and I got a new stepfather. Something about all the change and all the loss just REALLY snapped something internally and I went into a serious depression for about 3 years. I’ve always been a bit off, a little sad all the time, always disorganized in my actions and my thoughts. Moderately ADD and a heaping spoonful of melancholy. I never thought much of it, never thought anything was wrong, but those problems left on their own turned into pretty much a mental breakdown. My life-long mental health drawbacks went from a minor distraction to a HUGE roadblock and SERIOUS problem.NOW! I am feeling better than ever! I feel focused, motivated, and truly happy with the way things are going. So what did it? It is hard to say, but mostly I’d just say it is through my own willpower to overcome. I straight-out cold-turkey’d doing drugs and self-harming. Those two things can make mental illness seem never-ending. Truly it was back then. I stopped hanging out with negative people… I got out of contact with all my drug connections and people who bring me down emotionally. I quit my job and got a new one. My old job was a horribly negative environment, my new one was a warm welcoming family-owned restaurant, they truly adopted me into their family.Eventually, when I was really starting to come around, but not quite yet satisfied… I made some MAJOR life changes. I decided to join the Army National Guard in order to gain the discipline and self-confidence I’ve always lacked. I also really want to go to college and they provide that for me free of charge. I just came back from basic training on December 3rd. It is nice to be back. I see how much I’ve changed and how all the people I used to know are still the same.I’ve tried a lot of things to help my MH issues. I tried the “professional” route. Pretty much, I’ve found if you don’t have insurance, you don’t get anywhere. I’ve seen a counselor, she was VERY helpful in a lot of ways… although I don’t feel we truly had that great of a connection. Her advice alone was enough for me. Most importantly, she brought to light ADD issues that had been lingering with me all along, the TRUE source of most of my problems. BTW, I had insurance when I was seeing her. I tried to get a counselor via a free clinic after I had no insurance, that never happened. I did get drugs from them though, they gave me an ADD drug… Vyvanse… basically a long-term ritalin. It helped, but it was very expensive without insurance, I only ever got a week’s worth of pills. I didn’t really like it in the end, it made my heart-rate go up like crazy, I felt like passing out a couple of times. I also tried Prozac, many years ago when I was still on my mom’s insurance. It worked okay, I took it for about a month. I never got it refilled, I was too embarrassed to have everyone know I was taking that kind of medication, plus it did eventually have some “zombie-fying” effects ; )I tried the “self-medication” route. Obviously, it just made it worse after time. Sure it felt good to do drugs, but it doesn’t last. Self-harming is just a hell and I greatly discourage it. Please stop doing it if you have this problem. Phase yourself out, do it less and less until you don’t do it ever again. I have some scars from it, and although they aren’t too bad as far as SI scars go… it is still pretty embarrassing, and I HAVE had some people ask about them. You may not care NOW, but you WILL care WHEN you get better! I plan on covering them up with a tattoo or something, if they can do it, I’m not too sure how tattooing over a scar works out.WELL, this is pretty long, so I’m going to end it, basically… my question is this: I’ve told you my story, what is YOUR story? How far have you progressed through your mental health issues?For all those still suffering, I pray for you. Please fight and stay strong, you CAN do it! DO NOT let it beat you. Feel free to post your stories, we can ALL learn from other’s experiences.
A: I had issues with depression, alcohol and cutting, starting around the age of 17. I couldn’t keep a job, and my relationships, from boyfriends to family, were always suffering. After years of major mental instability and two suicide attempts by medication overdose, I was diagnosed with bipolar at the age of 24. Ever since the day I was actually diagnosed, I’ve been on the right meds and have been learning behaviors to make my life better. Now, age 30, I am married and have two baby boys. I wake up happy everyday, and go to bed each night confident that I am going to have another good day tomorrow. I didn’t have insurance through much of this, but I was able to get assistance from the state. Now I have insurance through my husband, so fortunately, I can keep getting the treatment that works for me.A lot of people are against any medication for mental illnesses. But, I have found, through many trial and error, that they work for me. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to live this wonderful life I now live. The only people who know I have bipolar and take any medication is my family, and one close friend. Nobody else needs to know.
Q: Can somebody help me-before its too late…?Back in 1997 i went along to see my gp where i lived in London i was feeling a bit under the weather…There he introduced me to something that has wrecked my life…Now 12 years on,im holding onto life like a piece of string,looking for some kind of help…Yet my doctor dosnt want to know…and i am passed from person to person stuck in a hell near death…and scaredI was put on dexedrine in 1997,it started at 50mg on a monthly script,addiction took hold fast… a beam of light,the dose started to increase to where i was prescribed 62 tablets daily aprox 310mg on 2 seperate scripts by a gp.This went on for some time…Then it was lowered to 80mg a day,along with 30mg of diazipam…I started using street amphetamine on top to aprox 7 grams a day…Along the way i have been given a cocktail of drugs including librium,theridazine,procyclodine,sulpride,amisulpride,prozac,sorosat,ritalin,plus many others..The main two were dex and diazipam for 12 years.Last year the cdt ended the scripts,dex over 2 months diazipam cold turkey….Things have been falling apart since.I am in Manchester.My mother and nan died last year my only family…and i have no friends in manchester…i live in total isolation now to terrified to go out.I live on amphetamine,sleeping pills,i get prescribed 225mg of effexor,which i hate,have tried to get off twice….but no way.I feel like any day i am abot to kill myself and nobody will help me,yes i have a psyciatrist…who really is useless.I see him 1 every couple of months.He wont prescribe for me as he says”i dont want you getting medication from all over the place” (yea right) The gp like all the gp,s here dont want to know….I dont know why…well i have an idea…over prescribing in the past.They wont let me read my medical notes no matter what So i am left in the uk-alone,on the edge,totally filled with fear,depressed so bad if amphetamine stops…..just holding onto a life and the dr,s say-“ow hes alright” well im not,sos a dr somewhere 01612830732..steve..?
A: I think you need to find a doctor who will help you kick the habit and perhaps a different psychiatrist, perhaps you best bet would be to find out if there is an in-patient programme that you could attend and see how things go from there Try ringing the NHS Direct helpline on 08454647. Good luck and I hope things work out for you
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