What kind of meat is Angus

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Angus cattle produces marbled meat, a type of meat that has an unsaturated fatty acid called the Omega-3, which can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, can improve blood circulation, can increase the breakdown of a protein called fibrin (which is responsible for the clotting of the blood), among other benefits. ChaCha for now! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-kind-of-meat-is-angus ]
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What kind of cuts of meat do I get with Angus beef??
You can choose from a variety of cutting options. Your beef will be processed according to your own personal, specific processing instructions. Steaks can be cut thick, medium, or thin. You can choose how many steaks to put in each package….

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What kind of beef cattle produce the most meat?
Q: My family has been raising Black Angus for about 40+ years and I was wondering if there was a bigger beef producer.
A: Piedmontese Cattle are a double-muscled breed that produce more beef with less fat and cholesterol.
If the McDonald Angus Beef hamburgers is the “real beef”?
Q: Than someone please tell me what kind of meat is the “other” Hamburgers this is of great concern to me!!!
A: Just my theory, but the 100% thing is just a dishonest gimmick to entice “health conscious” fast food junkies to buy the product. !00% may actually be less than 50%. Just my theory, though.
Has your food source ever looked into your eyes deeply? Now can you eat it? will you stop eating meat?
Q: when I went to my friends farm he took us all in his truck to see the Jenny Mules. They were in the pasture with about 20 pregnant cows. Some of those cows had been raised as 4H projects and the kids where so upset about them being sold to the slaughter house their dad bought them at twice the price to be used for breeding. They will live there for the rest of their lives. They are used to being brushed and petted.One walked up to the truck and looked into my eyes. She just stood and looked into my face from about two feet away. These cows are what angus steaks are from, the kind I buy when I have steaks. Now I can never eat another steak. I still see that cows big brown eyes looking at me.
A: I have looked directly into the eyes of my prey as it was dying. I thanked it for its meat and ended its suffering as quickly as possible.It makes me absolutely sick to know how animals are treated at the large meat factories and I wish wish wish that there was something I could do to stop it.The best I have found is to eat only local meat or your own kills.I will not eat the packaged meat from a grocery store.
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