Do donuts make you fat

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Eating a diet consisting entirely of donuts could make you gain unwanted pounds. But if you eat them on occasion and eat healthy and exercise regularly they won’t make you fat. Or if you have a high metabolism then you probably won’t gain a large amount of weight but you will have high cholesterol or blood pressure. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Do donuts make you fat?
One donut does not make a person fat. However, too many donuts can make a person ‘fat’. Donuts are high in fat content, but if you burn off the calories (both from and not from fat) doing exercise, eating the donuts is not a problem. Donuts…
What special type of donuts are made on Fat Tuesday?
Paczki is a special polish doughnut, very popular with Mardi Gras. This doughnut was traditionally eaten on Fat Thursday, the last Thursday before Lent. It is a flat sphere of dough, deep fried and filled with a sweet filling, such as jelly…
Is there such things as a fat free donut? Are there any companies…?
“Franco Harris (of the 1970s Steelers) was marketing “healthy” donuts.” I don’t know if fat-free is possible. Unless they used gross things like olestra and played with the serving sizes to get under 1g of fat. But Franc…

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Does Dunkin’ Donuts make their donuts with transgendered fat anymore?
Q: I mean, the kind of fat that’s not supposed to be good for you. I heard they were stopping.
A: Check out their website link: indicate zero trans fat used in their products.Still they’re not the healthiest things for us to eat, but they sure do taste great!
Do you think my husband has a thing for big girls and is trying to make me fat?
Q: He keeps offering me cookies, ice cream, candy, and donuts. He makes fun of me when I eat salads and exercises and just bought me an electric chair so I can just wheel myself around and never have to get up and walk.Ah Messykatt – you don’t know me very well and never will.Dragonfly Girl – thank you…
A: If i were him, i’d be trying to stuff you too 😉
How to get FAT?
Q: we all heard of loosing weight and i guess i got high metabolism and i lost weight FAST.I eat so much and dont seem to gain a extremely athletic,i could do whatever you want me to but i dont gain weight..What are some food that make you fat?Donuts?Ok long story short im 15 (i turned that age in october and i weigh 102 pounds,im trying to gain weight to 115 pounds if possible)sure no problem besides i lose weight because i got karate and track(running) after that.
A: You should never try to be fat. If you want to gain weight you should add muscle, never fat.
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