What is the normal blood pressure for a 60 year old male

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A blood pressure of 120/80 mm of mercury is considered normal for young adults, but the normal blood pressure for a 60 year-old man may be 140/90 and does require lifestyle changes without any active treatment for blood pressure in clinical medicine. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-normal-blood-pressure-for-a-60-year-old-male ]
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What is normal blood pressure for a 60 year old male?
Years ago it was thought normal for blood pressure to increase with age. The systolic (high end) rule of thumb for over 50 years of age was 100 plus your age. So at age 60 it would be 160. This is no longer considered safe. As best I can de…
Is this an normal blood pressure ? 20 year old male??
Ideally around 120/80,but none of your readings are of any concern. Without a doubt your big issue is anxiety. Best management for that is CBT.(cognitive behavioural therapy.)
What is normal blood pressure for an 18 year old male??
120 over 80. 120 mm systolic and 80 diastolic.

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Low Blood Pressure? Is this normal?
Q: I am a 15 year old male and a active runner and my blood pressure is lower for my age. I don’t know if it’s (too low) though. It’s 95-75 and my pulse is 60. I am 5’6 and weigh 115 lbs.I should also mention that it use to be higher when I was younger. When I was 12, it was about 135-85 and my pulse was 90 or around there. I started running long distance Track and Field in March and got attached to running so I signed up to run in a local 5k race and now I run almost everyday. I run 20-30 miles a week. I’m running Cross Country right now too. I’ve been eating healthy the last 6 months too. I wouldn’t really call it a diet, just being a healthy runner.- no fastfood except for Subway- no soda- no candyWhat are the causes of low blood pressure and is mine considered low for my age? Whenever I stand up from sitting down, I get dizzy and feel like I’m going to pass out for a second but then I’m okay.Thanks for the help!
A: Your blood pressure is good!It sometimes is a bit low, as well as heart rate in young athletes. It’s totally within normal range.Now everyone gets a bit dizzy when standing rapidly from a lying position.If this upsets you and you get this often consider seeing your family doctor. He will likely measure how much your blood pressure drops when getting upright and whether it is in the normal range.Plus i would drink more water if i were you. You are probably loosing more water, being an athlete, than your are actually drinking, which makes your blood pressure fall a bit.good luck
Can someone please tell me if my blood pressure is normal?
Q: Hello everyone,I am a 40 year old male and I weigh 198 pounds and am 6’1”.When I wake in the morning an average reading for my blood pressure is 110/50 and my pulse is around 50-55. Sometimes it’s lower, sometimes it’s higher by as much as 5 points systolic, diastolic and heart rate during these waking hours. During the day when I sit down and take it it is roughly 120/71 and pulse is 73, again give or take up to 5 points in both directions respectively. My concern is my blood pressure and heart rate when I exercise on the treadmill..We have a “Landice L8 Treadmill” and we also have an “Omron HEM-712C” blood pressure monitor. We have had the monitor calibrated by our cardiologist and it gives perfect values for pressure and heart rate.We then calibrated the Landice Treadmill with the monitor. The treadmill has stainless steel hand grips that measure heart rate and the treadmill gives identical correct values for heart rate. My heart rate is usually about 85 when I get on the treadmill and I set the treadmill speed to 2.5After about the first minute my heart rate goes up to 95 or so and then fluctuates between 82 and 105 during the 1 hour that I stay on at that speed. If I turn the speed up to 2.8 my heart rate fluctuates between 95 and 115.If I get off the treadmill and take my blood pressure immediately I get a reading in the 120’s Systolic and 70’s diastolic and my heart rate is in the 80’s. The second immediate consecutive reading is around 113/60 and pulse is like 68. What worries me is when I turned up the speed to 3.0 or 3.2 my heart rate goes up to like 168 after only a minute.I got off and took my blood pressure immediately and it was 162/82 and my pulse was 76.Is my heart rate supposed to be 168 after only a minute at the speed of 3.0 to 3.2? And second my blood pressure stayed up at around 159/80 and my pulse stayed at about 77 for like 10 to 15 minutes after I got off the treadmill. Is this normal?It seems like it stayed up too long.I also did a treadmill stress test at the cardiologist about two months ago and while on the treadmill at almost a running speed, but still just a brisk, brisk walk my blood pressure went all the way up to 200/100 and my pulse was 178.I asked my cardiologist if that was high and he said yes. Is this dangerous?I don’t have any chest pain or shortness of breath. Is it exercise hypertension?Is exercise hypertension reversible? If this is exercise hypertension and the elasticity in my arteries isn’t there anymore can it be restored somehow? I do not like taking medication, rather I would like to do things naturally. Are there any tests I should specifically take to figure out why my blood pressure goes so high during exercise? Basically I just want to know:(A). Is the blood pressure and heart rate I experience while exercising on my treadmill at home normal for the speed I am operating at? and (B). If I do continually experience high blood pressure while exercising but not while at rest, what tests should I take?I feel like a ton of adrenaline is being dumped into my bloodstream when these pressures occur. I have been tested for a pheochromocytoma by blood and MRI and both came back negative neck and entire body areas.I am also pretty mellow and can’t imagine it being anything like a panic attack.I try not to worry but it seems pretty high to me!I hope there is someone out there who can shed some light on what may be causing my hearts symptoms and give me direction for what may remedy them.Thank you so much in advance,BryanPlease note I wasn’t running at the doctors office, I was walking very briskly. Also please note at home I was only at the speeds of 3.0 and 3.2 for exactly 50 seconds.
A: Everyone’s heart rate and blood pressure go up during exercise. If it didn’t then that means your not working hard enough. What would be worrisome is if you got those same numbers when you were not exercising. Your BP and pulse drop during periods of rest(sleeping) and thru out the day go up in response to stress, exercise and eating a lot of salty food. There is a point when exercising that you can go over your max heart rate, but it not harmful just exhausting. Your body can not efficiently pump enough blood(oxygen) to supply your muscles and you start getting cramps. The numbers you listed should not worry you unless you start getting chest pain, or if they do not return to normal after resting. Normal BP is around 120/80, but everyone fluctuates constantly during the day, and everyone operates at their own normal ranges.
High Blood Pressure in Teen?
Q: I’m a 19-year old male. I’m 5’11”, 150 pounds, roughly 11% body fat. I am a moderate athlete. I run regularly but not competitivley anymore. I eat a healthy diet with a significant amount of junk food on top of the nutrients. My parents and relatives all have very low blood pressure (my mom has 110/65 for example). Even my two brothers have low blood pressure so I don’t think it’s genetic.I have mild sleep apnea (6cm H2O) but I rarely use my CPAP because I can’t stand it. Nevertheless I am rarely tired in the morning and I dont wake up more than once or twice a night (as far as I’m aware).I have an enlarged left ventricle but the doctor says it’s “normal”. My echo and electrocardiagrams were normal.My blood pressure is between 150/90 and 140/60 ALL the time. My doctor isn’t concerned because my diastolic is usually good. My pulse is 50-70 bpm.No stress, no smoking, mild alcohol use, and no drugs. Why is my blood pressure so high? What can I do to lower it?Thanks.My diastolic averages about 75. The 90 is the upper end. It’s rarely there.I’m definitely hydrated too…I drink several litres of water a day.
A: If either diastolic OR systolic is high then it’s still needs treating. They should have given you anti-hyperstensives to lower it to within normal range. If one sort doesn’t work there are ones with two modes of action which are v. effective (e.g Attacand plus). Kidneys are all related to BP so have you had them checked.. I also found out I had high BP recently and turns out I have a dodgy kidney which is the probable cause. Although cardiologist said about 80% cases of hypertension have no known cause. Make sure you get the right medication as high bp over time can damage kidneys and inc risk of stroke / heart attack.. It is important to bring your bp down.. If you have no luck with this dr I suggest changing.. I was originally told it was ok and to drop a few kg (my BMI is 20)! Hope this helps
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  1. Indicators of blood pressure boundaries depend on the age and individual characteristics of the human body. Pressure indicators are considered normal (in an adult at rest), which do not exceed 130/80 mm Hg. Art. The optimal blood pressure is considered indicators – 120/70 mm Hg. Art.

    The limits of the norm of systolic blood pressure are 110-130 mm Hg. Art.

    The limits of the normal diastolic pressure in healthy people may depend on age and range from 65-80 mm Hg. Art. At the age of 50 and older, this limit can be 80-89 mm Hg. Art.
    Normally, pulse pressure indicators should be at least 20-25 mm Hg
    The norm of blood pressure in men 20-40 years old is 123 / 76-129 / 81.

    The norm of blood pressure in women 20-40 years old is 120 / 75-127 / 80.

  2. I think my diastolic blood is low. Sometimes 40. Systolic is usually between 100 & 120. It’s diastolic which I’m more concerned about.

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