Does sodium intake affect blood pressure

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Yes. eating high amounts of sodium can cause high blood pressure. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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Does your sodium intake affect your blood pressure??
yes because your body tries to maintain the same osmolarity of the blood, and if you increase salt intake the body respond by increasing blood volume thus increasing pressure. vice versa is also true.
How Sodium Intake Affects Blood Pressure—How-Sodium-Intake-Affects-Blood-Pressure&id=2723167
Living with this condition is in itself a very stressful event. Not to mention its present danger, having high blood pressure is like playing a game of chess. You have to defend your territory from being captured by an enemy. In the real-li…
What are some reasons to watch your sodium intake if you have low…?
You should follow your doctor’s advise when it comes dealing with low blood pressure. If you are currently not having any symptoms of low blood pressure (i.e. feeling faint) then you are likely on the right track and you should stick with w…

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What does my disturbingly high salt intake do to me?
Q: I’m aware that consuming a lot of salt usually raises one’s blood pressure. However, my blood pressure is very low, almost unhealthily so, and it has been this way all my life with no explanation. I’ve also always put what my brother would jokingly call “ten times the lethal dose” of salt on everything I eat that’s not sweet. I even salt my salt and vinegar chips because I don’t think they come salty enough! Unlike others who have asked this question I DO put so much salt on my food because I love the taste, and I almost never eat things unless they are salted, because I find that they just taste gross.I’ve read somewhere that the sodium intake in the body should correlate to the H2O intake. However that’s definitely not the case. All the salt I consume does not make me thirsty, and with breakfast I will have an extremely salty sausage wrap with tea, and at lunch I usually don’t even have a drink, or I have lemonade! The only time I drink water all day long is one glass at dinner. Shouldn’t I be craving more water if I’m having so much salt? I also hear that salt makes you retain water, maybe I just retain so much water that I’m not thirsty?Sorry the question is so long winded! Basically I’m wonder why the hell salt [apparently] fails to affect me, or if there are things other than elevated blood pressure that it causes. Thanks!
A: Not all people are salt sensitive. They are not affected by the ill affects of salt, such as high blood pressure. You may be on to something about not needing water because of your consumption of salt. When I was in the Navy during hot weather we were given salt tablets which discouraged elimination of urine or water.
What should I ask my doctor to do about my high blood pressure?
Q: I’ve had HBP since 19, now 32 I’m on norvasc and maxide but other than basic blood tests no ones ever checked anything else. My average BP is usually around 148/100. Several times it’s been as high as 180/123. My doctor says I don’t need a specialist but he keeps switching my meds without really checking anything. I told him I started having pains in my right upper abdomen and he blew it off because it’s not a side affect of the maxide and added the norvasc. I’d like to know what tests there are out there that can tell me if I have heart or kidney problems. Both parents have had heart attacks as well as 3 of my 4 grandparents so I’m really worried. I excercise 3 times a week and have an active job. I am overweight but I feel like there is something else causing it. Even when I was 30 pounds thinner my pressure still ran just as high. I avoid sodium as much as I can because I do retain water but my salt intake seems to have no effect either way on the pressure.
A: avoid excess salt intakes,stress,heavy or junk food ….walk at least 45 minutes per day.(3 days workout is not enough)..drink plenty of water….also avoid constipation….and yess u have to take medicine daily as per ur doctors advice…..and also try to make life simple,easier and dont rush panic…slow down a bit……..if u ignore ur high blood pressure there r chances u might damage ur kidneys,brain hammorage,heart stroke,paralytic attack …etc so please b carefull and have ur complte cardiovascular check at a heart hospital…….all the best
i need help with this work!! please, really urgent?
Q: i’m just not sure about the answers please help!1-which nutrient supplies the most calories per ounce? (is it fat?)2-how does a low calcium intake affect the body? (is it: weakness of bones, nails and teeth, and loss of hair?)3-why should you limit the amount of sodium in yor diet? (is it because it causes high blood pressure?)4-why are saturated fats to be avoided in making food selections? (is ti because it causes obesity and high cholesterol?)5-how much of your daily caloric intake should come from carbohydrates, fat and proteins? (i only got 65g for fat)6-why do you need to have some fat in your diet? (is it because it prevents dehydration?)7-why is it mileading to label peanut butter as having no cholesterol? (is it because the peanuts have natural fats?)please don’t tell me to do my OWN homework b/c i already tried!
A: 6 – You need fat in your diet b/c your body needs fat for many things. Your cell membranes are phospholipids, your body needs it for insulation, cushion, and a lot of other things. So your body needs fat for regular functions.7. You are on the right track with peanuts and peanut butter. There is natural fat in peanut butter. (I don’t know the exacts of this but I would say stick with what you are already thinking)1. fat is always the answer2, 3. u r on the right track4. think of the double bonds of fatty acids, HDL and LDL cholesterol (I can’t think of the details, but this should help your search)5. Most people like the 60-55% carbs, 30% fat, 15 -10% protein idea. So the numbers depend on the total calories.Hope this helps. Good Luck.
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