What are the bad things about peyote

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Peyote can be dangerous. Some users experience lowered blood pressure and difficulty breathing. Nausea, vomiting, paranoia occur. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-bad-things-about-peyote ]
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What are the bad things about peyote
Peyote can be dangerous. Some users experience lowered blood pressure and difficulty breathing. Nausea, vomiting, paranoia occur.

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what can i do with my next door neighbors?
Q: well it all started about 2 months ago when the townhouse next to mine got leased by 4 young people,1 woman,3 men all in their 20’s. there are many things i can talk about that i cannot stand. for example…..their dog craps on our lawn, they smoke and drink outside and i have a 5 year old and a 7 year old, 2 weeks ago they got all got busted for selling drugs, cops said they had guns, marijuana, heroine, cocaine, and peyote which i do not know what it is (i understand is a pill).. them being drug dealers brings lots of bad things around, there is at least 2-3 random cars everyday that pull over in front of the house. and yes this is after they all got busted. they all got out within 24 hours except from 1 of them. they are very loud at night every night, as i am witting this (it is 2 am just came back from work), it seems like they are running around the apartment and playing loud music while laughing. 2 nights ago my daughter came crying to my bed because she said that she could not sleep because of the loudness next door. these are only the things that i have in the top of my head.now i hate confrontations, i am a very easy going guy, but i have to do something for the sake of my family. what are some suggestions?i have thought of maybe collecting signatures from all the neighbors to kick them out. is this possible?should i involve the police, i mean they are drug dealers it seems like they are still dealing.what can i do please help!
A: ~call the cops and tell your landlord~
What do you think about governments banning the possession of plants?
Q: What do you think about not having the right to possess certain plants (marijuana, mushrooms, peyote, etc..) – natural things from the earth – simply because your government told you they were “bad”… while every day millions of people use synthetic drugs and alcohol, drugs that are, for some reason, legal. Am I missing something?i mean synthetic drugs as in medication – xanax, antidepressants, tylenol, etc..just a little history – humans have been experimenting with drugs for thousands of years. I think it it is wrong to have this right taken away.I don’t want the government to regulate what I can and cannot use simply by their standards of what is “good for me”. I do my own research and I choose what I want to put in my body.
A: I think that everyone has a right to life, liberty and property (which can include any substance you wish to put in your body) This country is growing more towards socialism every day simply because people have started to believe they need the government to do things for them, which in turn, gives them power. Like the power to make Mary Jane illegal. Personally, I don’t do drugs and thats my personal choice. It is none of my business what you decide to put in your body, and the government has no right to tell you, a person with individual rights, what is good or bad for you…period. Its called freedom and thats what this country was founded on but it is slowly changing.”If you end the drug war then you eliminate the drug-dealer overnight”- Ron Paul
Americans would you consider someone a traitor if they did this,or just an inhumane individual?
Q: Okay it is from an outline of a novel I am writing.The novel starts off in 2010. The United States is in a war with Pakistan.The lead character (currently unnamed)a 17 year old, joins the army in mid 2009 to go to the war. He is near fluent in Arabic. Not long after being in the army (2023) he goes AWOL during patrol, and sneaks into Afghanistan.While in Afghanistan he explains to the people how they need to overthrow the corrupt Taliban government.He eventually gets a devotes group of some 2000 people. Inspired by the WTC attacks (which took place in 1997 in the novel’s world), he recruits two pilots from a fictional airline company to crash airliners,loaded with explosives into fictional skyscrapers in Kabul.He eventually meets and falls in love with an American girl named Melody who has renounced her American citizenship and is hiding out in Afghanistan.The group eventually accumulate weaponry from former terrorists groups that have broken off the government.The pilots make homemade impact explosives they will carry with them on the flight.The attack takes place on 4th,May,2016. By the time of the attack about 10,000 people have joined the group including former terrorists.Some 2000 are killed in the attack,in contrast to over 300,000 civilians killed in Kabul as well as the defeat of the government and troops in the immediate area. He takes over as leader and starts poppy trade with most of Europe and Eastern Asia in 2017, in addition to changing Afghanistan’s name to the “Nations of Resistance or the N.O.R which it is commonly referred to in the novel’s world.In 2031 he organizes extensive bombing raids on Iran,Armenia,Azerbaijan,Kuwait,Saudi Arabia,Yemen,Oman,U.A.E, Lebanon, Syria, and Georgia. The plan of the surprise attacks are to render the economies in these countries so useless, that they will be force to become opium farmers and the N.O.R will pay them for the services, so they can rebuild themselves as part of the N.O.R. The plan works, and the N.O.R becomes the first empire like nation since the Soviet Union.Throughout the years most of the damaged areas of the nations are repaired and are contributing greatly to the trade of opium/hashish/peyote(which grows naturally in the region in the novel) throughout the world. Eventually he becomes the 4th richest person in the world due to this, and gives money as end of the year bonuses of about $10,000 dollars to the farmers (most of the time they only make about $3.50/hour, while the man controlling the farm gets about 3k an hour. Syria eventually wants to leave the N.O.R (they are the only part of the nation contributing poorly and still in bad shape from the attacks, they are usually simply given money to get by).As a result of this he pulls the money they receive and withdraws all medical support,etc. The area that was formally Syria virtually becomes an area full of starvation,disease,and crime.Many Americans move to the are for the benefit of having a poppy farm and making money from it.Many in America view him as an inhumane murderer, but some go simply for the monetary value of owning a poppy farm.He and Melody have two kids together who he raises to be like him as a successor to him, for when he dies, he explains to raise his son the same way so they cycle for being a nation will go on for millenia.His execution style is that he takes the prisoner down the isle, destroying things of important value, pictures,things sentimental to the person etc.At the end of the hall if the prisoner has a spouse he kills her/him then the person themselves. This is all I have got to so far the year 2056. So do you think he should be the protagonist as well as the villain. What do you characterize his personality as? Would you consider him a traitor to America?
A: I would consider him a VERY inhumane person. As an American and Egyptian.
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