How to Estimate the Cost of a Sunroom

Estimating how much a sunroom may cost depends on the design and style that is being implemented, the materials being used, labor costs and whether it is a completely new room or an add-on to a part of the house already in place. Sunroom costs are said to start from around $10,000 and range in price up to around $70,000 for a professional construction. There are do-it-yourself kits that can range from around $500 to approximately $1,500 but these are a very simple two season design with a roof, deck and screens, but save you the price of getting a professional in to do it for you. A custom built design is said to cost upward from $5,000 but this can depend on the size, the type of ceiling and other requirements, but the average is up to about $15,000 with wind and waterproofing costs adding extra to a three season installation.

A four season design using professional construction with all the features of full insulation, heating, an appropriate foundation, remote controlled blinds, cathedral ceiling and with many other options is said to cost up to $70,000. A pre-fabricated design is said to range from $10,000 to $35,000 and includes the preparation, foundation work and glass walls. Sunroom costs can vary because it depends on what type of sunroom is being built. There are many extras that can be added to a sunroom and each one of these will add an extra cost to the project.

The size of the sunroom is where the first part of the costing is, a large room will require a large foundation which may be a concrete slab or something else. Next will be the cost of the framework which could be in aluminum, timber or some other material and there may be roofing materials as well. There is also the cost of the specially made large glass panels for the walls, and the ceiling if a transparent ceiling is required instead of a roof, this can also be made from a clear plastic specially designed for sunroom ceilings. Further expenses that may be required depending on what an individual wants may be insulation, floor heating, blinds with or without electronic control, curtains, storm shutters depending on what location the sunroom is erected, floor coverings and furniture, you may also have to check your local building code requirements. Costing can be done by a professional or you may be able to work out the costs yourself by doing measurements then pricing the materials and labor. To have a decent sunroom it needs to be constructed correctly with the appropriate materials, otherwise the room may be unusable due to it becoming like a furnace in the hot months or a freezer in the cold months.

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