Work Magic with the Kymera Magic Wand Remote

This year when you are looking for that perfect gift for anyone who enjoys either uniquely fun technology or electronics you should definitely check out the Kymera Magic Wand Remote. It’s also great for any fans of magical television shows, books and movies. You can watch Harry Potter fans when you show off your new abilities thanks to the Kymera Magic Wand Remote. From televisions to remote lights, this remote does it all.

Standard Description

Not only is the Kymera Magic Wand Remote just plain interesting, its also programmable with up to 13 different infrared control codes. Each code is differentiated upon by the remote according to your movements. Learning and programming of the wand’s basic used takes about a half hour for most, but once its set you can feel free to use it when ever you need.

It doesn’t just play your favorite wizarding movie though. The Kymera Magic Wand Remote can be programmed to play your remote stereo, DVD player, Blu-ray, or even remote lights and curtains. You’ll be able to amaze friends and family, both young and old, with your new powers.

Once you are done using the Kymera Magic Wand Remote and lay it down, it sets itself to sleep which saves on the two AA batteries needed to power it. Once you pick it up it becomes active again and you are ready to show off your skills.

Practical Description

There’s at leas one person in just about any group or family that would get a kick out of this amazing little remote. It has the appearance of a wooden wand like you’ve seen in the Harry Potter Series and it comes in an attractive box that you can keep for easy storage which adds even more to the illusion of the Kymera Magic Wand Remote’s powers and authenticity. Children will be fascinated what you can do.

Learning to use the wand comfortably does take a little time, but once you become familiar with how to use it, you may find you don’t use your regular remotes anymore. Its simply a matter of flicking or swishing your wrist in the right way and with the proper motions.

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