Girl in a Coma Stops by Chicago’s Double Door

Girl in a Coma pulled into Chicago’s Double Door on Friday, November 19, 2011 for a headlining concert promoting their new album, “Exits and All the Rest.” The San Antonio rockers, comprised of sisters Nina (guitars, vocals) and Phanie Diaz (drums) and childhood friend Jenn Alva (bass), once again showed why they are an upcoming force in rock/punk music.

The last time I saw the band live was April 2010 in support of “Trio B.C.” GIAC opened for Sia at Chicago’s Vic Theatre. Now, a little over one year later, Diaz and company are headlining their own tour.

This time around the band showcased mostly their new album with a mix of “Trio B.C.,” “Adventures in Coverland” and “Both Before I’m Gone.” What’s impressive about Girl in a Coma is how well they sound live. Nina’s voice was haunting and powerful as ever and both Jenn and Phanie were dead on playing drums and bass. How the band sounds on record is what they project on stage.

Earlier in the night the merchandise booth girl said that Nina had the flu and wasn’t feeling well. This information only added to how tough the band was that evening. Of course, the nearly packed venue of 400-500 people had no idea.

Girl in a Coma is a group of consummate professionals and follow the motto that the show must go on. One of the things that fascinated me about the girls was while the two opening bands were performing, Phanie and Jenn mingled with the crowd and hung out as if they were attending the show like everyone else. Fans were respectful to them – conversing and taking photos – until they went on stage where they transformed into the night’s main event.

Girl in a Coma is one my favorite bands and their music speaks for itself. The reason why they will shoot up the ranks in the music industry is their incredible live show and relationship with fans. Girl in a Coma is currently on tour and “Exits and All the Rest” is available now. If you get the chance to see this remarkable trio, do so.

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