2011 Big Brother 13 Thursday 9/8/11 Spoilers, Part 1 Results & Live Updates

Adam Koch was the HOH this week in the Big Brother 13 house and he nominated Jordan and Porsche for eviction. Read below to see who went home on Thursday, September 8, 2011. Part one of the 3 part final competition just ended and the results are in. The next Big Brother 13 episode will air this Sunday September 11, 2011 on CBS.

Warning, this article is not just a recap of the show. It contains spoilers and will be updated often throughout the week. Spoilers are what is going on in the Big Brother 13 house as it happens which is way before the shows air on CBS. If you don’t want to know who wins the mixer competition ahead of time then don’t scroll down.

The HOH Adam put up Jordan and Porsche up for eviction with no real target in mind. He claims to just want the two girls to battle it out and whomever wins the POV deserves to move on in the game. Porsche won the POV and took herself off the nomination block. Rachel goes up by default and now Porsche gets to decide who she wants in the final three with her. Porsche chooses to evict Jordan so the final 3 houseguests are Adam, Porsche and Rachel.

The three now will compete in a 3 part competition here is how that works,

Rachel, Porsche and Adam will compete in an endurance competition. The houseguest who wins part 1 does not have to compete in part 2. They had to stand on a mixer as it rotated and went up and down. Adam was the first one off of the mixer leaving Rachel and Porsche to battle it out. The competition lasted almost an hour but Rachelended up winning part 1.

The 2 that lost in part 1 will compete against each other in part 2. In the past seasons the 2nd competition was the kind where faces of the houseguests are mixed together creating crazy looking pictures and they will have to figure out who is in the photos. The one with the correct answers in the fastest time will win. The winner of this round will play against Rachel in round 3.

Part 3 is usually a question type game played live with Julie. Rachel will be playing against the winner of round 2 while the loser of the first 2 competitions is powerless. The winner of part 3 is automatically 1 of the final 2 contestants. That winner also gets to choose who they want to go up against in the finale.

The winner of the 3 part competition will be the final HOH. There will be no nomination ceremony or veto competition. The HOH holds all the power and will decide who is evicted next. They will want to pick someone who they think they will win against in front of the jury. Once that decision is made the houseguest not chosen to be in the final 2 is evicted.

The final 2 will prepare speeches to present to the former houseguests that are now in the jury house. The jury members will decide who wins Big Brother 13 by voting for one of the final 2. The jury members are Brendon, Danielle, Jeff, Shelly, Kalia and Jordan plus the person that is evicted next week.

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