Christmas on the Golf Course in Florida

I recently moved to Florida
I bought a Villa on a golf course
and the grass is always green.
I used to be a New Yorker
and I still look for snow.

Santa and Snow go together
Snow fits the ice on the ground
The ice is slippery and people fall
So why do I miss Santa?
I do not have a clue.

Living in Florida is great
The sun shines most days
That is, when it does not rain
But it never does snow

I walked out the door last night
and smiled
There on the green golf course
was Santa sitting on his sleigh

It brought back memories
It brought back thoughts of snow
It brought back slipping on the ice
and without a further thought

I rubbed my backside as I used to do
When I slipped on the ice
Each winter
When I lived in New York – waiting for Santa

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