How to Avoid Swollen Feet

Here is the way you can avoid swollen feet on an airplane.

Traveling spells out joy for plenty of people. I like traveling a lot myself. Traveling means a chance to visit people, to see new places, to click plenty of pics and freeze memories.., traveling means shopping ! Nothing perks up my spirits over planning a trip to somewhere – be it a long holiday to some far off place, or visiting my mate in the other city. I am positive there’s plenty of like me out there. But the most daunting prospect of traveling is the actual journey to and from the place. This is not because the journey is long – no journey is long in the event you have a lovely book, some lovely music and a warm and comfortable blanket. But swollen feet in the coursework of flight can ruin the fun and joy of traveling. Your feet swelling in the coursework of travel is the last thing you require, for it makes even simple things like jogging up to or even waiting at the baggage carousel pain.

Tips to Avoid Swollen Feet While Traveling

1. Hop Around!That does not mean you go bunny hopping all over the plane! What I mean to say is, take a walk down the aisle one time in some time. On a long flight (over 6 hours) you can relax your legs and walk around roughly one time every hour. It helps to improve the blood circulation and prevents you from getting swollen feet and ankles.

2. Elevate Your FeetUsually the seats on an airplane are designed in such a way that they have a footrest for the person sitting on the chair behind. Use it. Place your feet on the footrest so that they are not absolutely perpendicular to the floor and are slightly elevated or raised. It prevents blood from pooling in your feet.

3. Luggage OverheadMake positive you keep your luggage overhead than at your feet. That way your legs and feet will have room to stretch and fit. Plenty of times they keep our handbags or cabin baggage at our feet – a grave mistake. It restricts movement of your legs. Toss it up and make room for your legs.

4. Carryover Golf BallsConfused? I don’t blame you; but a golf ball would be the thing to prevent getting swollen feet on a flight. How? In the event you cannot get up and walk in the aisle of the airplane (or in the event you are to embarrassed to do it plenty of times!), basically place the golf balls under each of your feet and roll your feet over them! It works incredibly. If not, you may even carryover a kneading pin.

5. Drink WaterDrink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated. No movement coupled with no water can quickly make your body stiff. Dehydration can also lead to painful cramps. The chances of getting cramps change even more in the event you are stationary. Also plenty of water means you will must flush out more often, giving you more chances to walk as you go to the toilet!

6. Avoid Tight FootwearNot only is it painful and less comfortable, but it basically refuses to come off if your feet swell. It is best to wear comfortable footwear while traveling. Use the flip-flops that the flights provide you. They are tremendous comfortable and soft and feel fabulous! Tight footwear – with straps around the ankles – can be a horror. Strictly avoid.

7. Avoid the window seat

If you happen to be traveling to a familiar destination , try not to take a window seat , so that you can have easy access to both the walk ways/aisle and the toilets.

Obviously being on a window seat where you would have to cross two or three people, before getting to the aisle or toilet will create a lot of inconvenience for others.

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