Top Travel Essentials for Smooth Holiday Travel

If you are one of those people that have to travel during the holiday season there are a number of top travel essentials that make for smooth holiday travel. Being prepared and organized is half the battle when traveling during the holidays. If you are equipped with the things you need however you can move through the crowds and ticket counter madness easily and effortlessly.

One of the top travel essentials for smooth holiday travel is the portable bag scale available from a number of companies and retailers. Heys USA, which also make luggage, features a tiny digital luggage scale in a variety of colors. The tiny scale features a molded ergonomic design and a handle shape that is designed to weigh bags up to 110 pounds. Weigh your bags prior to arrival at the airport with this top travel essential for smooth holiday travel.

Traveling with carry-on size bags saves time and avoids confusion at the baggage carousel. Depending on your destination one of the top travel essentials for smooth holiday travel is a 20″ to 22″ size carry-on bag that you know will fit in the baggage sizer at the gate. Most airlines have these handy units of measure available at the gate to insure oversize bags don’t go on as carry-on bags. Invest in a durable carry-on bag that is designed to fit in the overhead storage bins on aircraft.

Another top travel essential for smooth holiday travel is simple but avoids confusion and lost documents and that is a document holder or pre-board travel organizer ideal for passports and boarding passes. These are great for families traveling with children as they are designed to be worn around the neck keeping all necessary documents readily available and easily accessible. With just a few modern conveniences the top travel essentials for smooth holiday travel are certain to add to the organization of your holiday travel permitting you to save time and avoid confusion.

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