What Lies in the Shadows

Violet heard the ring from her cell phone as she stepped out of the bathroom in the direction of the bedroom. Hoping it was Jensen, she hurried to the cell phone that was lying on the bed. As she reached for the phone, she noticed the number on the screen came up blank. With a moment of hesitation, she slowly pressed the send button on the phone to answer the call.

As she held the phone to her left ear, she heard silence on the other end. “Hello? Um, anyone there?” Violet questioned as she debated on ending the call. Suddenly she heard a familiar male voice from the other end who said in reply “Violet, don’t hang up”. Immediately Violet recognized the voice and her hands began to sweat. She realized the male voice on the other line was her ex boyfriend, Craig.

“Craig? No way, it can’t be you” Violet said as she felt her heart sink into her stomach. “Violet I need you to tell me, if you had one more chance, just one would you take it?” the male voice on the other end of the line said to her with anticipation. When Violet heard these words, she felt her eyes begin to fill with tears. With a rush she pictured herself in the bar the night that Craig had broke the glass on her face and left her scarred. As she looked down her body, she noticed she was shaking uncontrollably. In a panic of fear for her own safety, she immediately replied out of fear, “If it meant bringing you back from the grave, I would”.

Suddenly all of those feelings of fear from abuse entered Violet’s mind as she began to wonder if she were safe in her home. As she listened to the sound of the breathing from the man on the other end, she rushed downstairs to make sure her door and windows were locked.

As she reached the bottom of the stairs, she noticed the shadow on the living room floor from beyond the kitchen. She recognized the tall and menacing shadow as her ex boyfriend, Craig. The shadow hadn’t moved and apparently had its back turned away from the doorway, so Violet began to tip toe back up the stairs behind her.

Suddenly the shadow had disappeared before her eyes, and in a rush of anticipation Violet turned around to run up the stairs when she was struck by a cold gush of air. The air was so violent, that she fell backwards down the four steps behind her, landing on the cement flooring at the bottom of the staircase.

When Violet opened her eyes as she lay on the cold floor, she saw Craig hovering over top of her. “Violet, I haven’t left you” he said as he leaned forward to kiss her. When the ice cold air touched Violet’s lips, she sat up in her bed and gasped for air as if she hadn’t been breathing for minutes.

Now wide awake and calming her breath, Violet looked around the room wide eyed as her newest love Jensen touched her back asking “Violet are you okay? You shook the whole bed when you sat up!” As Jensen leaned toward her, he could see the blood dripping from her nose. “Violet, you’re bleeding” he said as he handed her a tissue from the dresser. Violet felt nauseous as she glanced around the room, wondering if Craig was still somewhere in the shadows.

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