Florida Pastor Calls for Online Registry of ‘non Christians’, Non Believers Equal to Sex Offenders

Funny isn’t it. Just days away from September 11th,2011 and yet some learn nothing about what it is to be an American. Instead of feeling united, the crazy continue to use words like ‘terrorism’ as a platform for their hate speech and discrimination against others. Take this headline in which Florida Pastor, Michael Stahl ,has suggested a organization and website that keeps track of the ‘non religious.’ This group would keep records in each city and state the location of atheists and others that fell under the watchful eye of the group, listing their location, places of employment,pictures, and personal information so that they could be terrorized by followers of the group and have their places of employment boycotted.

I’m sorry, didn’t a country once try this and created the Holocaust? But I’m sure they will argue that was just some story made up by the Jewish community to scare children.

According to the article on Examiner.com quote ” Stahl compares atheists to convicted sex offenders,ex-convicts, terrorist cells,hate groups like the KKK, skinheads, and radical Islamics.” Did that just offend a huge group of people? In cases like this the biggest terrorist group to date is the Catholic church allowing people like Stahl to have a platform to openly discriminate and plan terrorist activities against citizens of the United States. Go in your house and drink the Koolaid while you are waiting for another failed Rapture, you bunch of racists!

It may not occur to the nuts in Florida, but putting such a list on the Internet only encourages crimes, hate speech, and violence against other groups but I guess that doesn’t matter when you are an extremist nutball . My family is Christian, Jewish, and Pagan so how many times will I make the list? Should I send you a nice smiley picture? Please spread the word of how terrible I am, each hit on articles only puts more money in my pocket.

If people don’t figure out that such behavior is wrong what sort of example are you setting for the younger members of your groups?. This is 2011, your children are going to go to school and be exposed to children that come from all religious backgrounds, or none at all. They may eat lunch with a kid with gay parents. They may be on the baseball team with someone that is from a different country, different culture, different sociological background. And you know what, children are smart. Put young kids together in a room and they will play with everyone there. Children don’t identify by race, or religion, or sexual orientation. If you believe in God so much, check your bibles and work on that ‘love thy neighbor’, even if he isn’t a church goer or worships in different way.

Open discrimination against others is wrong, and it is illegal for a reason. Go back to waiting for 2012, and leave the rest of the world alone.

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