Volunteer Organizations in South Florida

Volunteer Organizations in South Florida

Anyone who would like to enrich their life can begin volunteering. Volunteering can help an individual develop new skills, make meaningful friendships and even obtain a new job. South Florida has a diverse culture and unique opportunities available for anyone who would like to volunteer a few days or hours a week. Here are some volunteer organizations that are always looking for helping hands.

American Diabetes Association

This organization has branches located throughout United States. Individuals can receive information on preventing diabetes and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with diabetes. ADA also collects donation to fund research to cure diabetes. Volunteers are needed to assist with EXPOS bimonthly. These duties involve registration, screenings, and information specialist. Branches need volunteers to work in centers to assist with clerical and other tasks. ADA office is located at 1500 W Cypress Creek Rd Suite 101 Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33309. More information can be obtained at 954-772-8040.

Camillus House

Homeless individuals are assisted at Camillus House. They are provided with meals, shelter, and counseling and are assisted in beginning a new and productive life. Volunteers are needed to prepare and serve food to needy individuals. Other individuals can host food drive and organize events to assist the shelter. Anyone can contact this organization at 305-374-1065 or visit their website at www.camillushouse.org.

Elder Helpers

Elderly individuals can obtain assistance through Elderhelpers.org. Seniors can complete the online form and someone will contact you. Volunteers are needed to assist with writing letters, reading, delivering groceries them. Individuals can assist in cooking and other tasks that are required. Some Individuals need volunteers to sing and entertain them. Volunteers are needed from New York, Texas and other States. Anyone can contact elder helpers at 734-330-2734.

Catholic Volunteers in Florida

Volunteers assist at shelters, food banks, health care, and other areas. Individuals are matched based on their experience and education. Some Volunteers work full time and receive a stipend of $1006 .00 a month. Individuals who volunteer an entire year can receive over $4000 to repay student loans or towards future tuition expenses through AmeriCorps. Selected Individuals live in a community together and travel from service site to their apartment. Volunteers can complete and submit an online form. More information about this organization can be obtained at www.cvif.org or at 407-382-7071.

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