Cape Cod and Autumn Go Together like Clams and Chowder

The kiddies are back in school, the summer crowds are gone and the pace of life slows down a bit; it must be fall in New England. Yes, the trees are turning and the leaf peepers are out in force but, they tend to congregate in the mountainous parts of the region and that means there’s a whole lot of territory along the coastlines and cities where there’s a lot of fun to be had. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a wasteland by any stretch, quite a few folks have discovered the benefits of an autumnal New England visit but, it’s nothing like the frantic summertime crowds. Here are a few ideas for fall fun.

Bike Nantucket – The cooler temps make fall the perfect time to shake off the summer doldrums and get active and Nantucket is a great place to get started. The island has miles of paved bike trails, not just a lined off section of road but actual pavement devoted to biking and walking. There are easy to spot bike rental shops just a few feet from the harbor making for an easy pick up and drop off point as you come and go from the ferry. The natural beauty of the island will inspire you to keep pedaling.

Play Golf – Many courses reduce their rates in the fall and they’re also less crowded making for a more enjoyable leisurely round or two. Check out ballymeade in North Falmouth, Falmouth Country Club and Sandwich Hollows for bargain golf at its best.

Stay Longer – The hotel and inn rates go down along with the mercury allowing for a longer visit to the Cape area. Take a look at priceline and for fall deals.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry – The Cape has some of the best seafood restaurants you’ll find anywhere and they get a whole lot less crowded in the fall of the year. Try The Landfall and Fishmongers Cafe in Woods Hole, The Squire in Chatham and the Lobster Pot in Provincetown.

Visit Boston – If you’ve never been to “The Hub” you’re missing out on a big part of America’s history not to mention a great metropolitan experience and it’s just a few miles from Cape Cod. Boston’s a big place that somehow manages to exude a small town vibe. Take a look at Harvard in nearby Cambridge, take a duck tour that meanders downtown and up the Charles River or check out the Freedom Trail, a clearly marked downtown trail that leads to many of places that made the United States what it is today. Visit the Boston Museum of Fine Arts to get your culture fix.

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