Greenhouse Global Warming Out of the Bottle

Universal Gas Laws tell us that the earth’s atmospheric pressure has to climb for global warming? Gases in an open atmosphere can do expand in an open atmosphere in a way they may not be able to do in a closed encapsulated space like the greenhouse bottles the original experiments were done in.

How much carbon gas is in our atmosphere? 25%? Do you know. You probably don’t care. You should know if you are a believer in the theory of man made global warming. Maybe humans are causing carbon dioxide to go from natural levels of around 25 percent to 40% . You think so? Think again. That is completely wrong. Carbon dioxide is a trace molecular element in the earth’s atmosphere. It does not take very much carbon dioxide to cause you to suffer from carbon dioxide poisoning and having trouble breathing as a result. Do you know how much carbon dioxide is poisonous to Humans and other mammals? Is it more than trace elements in the atmosphere? How much more? A little more or a lot more? You probably don’t have a clue and why should you? You never studied any of the science involved. If you want to believe in something maybe you should take extra time and do some study work?

Venus is a planet in our solar system that is smaller than the earth and a lot closer to the sun . It has an atmosphere with crushing pressure similar to being 10,000 feet under one of Earth’s oceans. It’s atmosphere is much hotter than the earth’s …average temperatures in Venus’s atmosphere may exceed 900 degrees verses an average on earth that might be 65 degrees. Universal gas laws relate temperature and pressure and tell us something about the advent of global warming regardless of whether the constituent gases in the earth’s atmosphere are generated by man or by nature. If there is secular warming going on because of changes in the atmosphere than necessarily we will have to observe changes in atmospheric pressure. There is no evidence of that ? Is there? The whole idea about global warming green house effect does derive from observations about Venus . It also derived from comparing the much thinner atmosphere of Mars compared to the Earth’s . On Mars the light thin atmosphere has lots of carbon in it maybe higher levels than found in the earth’s atmosphere but there is much less atmospheric pressure and much lower and higher ground temperatures depending on the exposure to sunlight.

If you are interested in knowing more about carbon you can take the carbon quiz i created to see what you think you know and compare it to what you should know about carbon in the earth’s atmosphere. Take the quiz and see if you are surprised by what you find out.

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It might make you a little more skeptical about being hysterical about the world warming because Al Gore opens his mouth wide and wider and spews. If there is global warming recorded and observed there has to be a change in the earth’s atmospheric pressure the way it is observed in the greenhouse bottles from the original experiments. Atmospheric pressure is the invisible canary in the coal mine not satellite temperature readings. Remember a satellite temperature reading is going to measure radiation that is leaving the earth.

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