Booting Issues

Booting, in computing, is a process where a set of complicated system programs are activated in order to start an operating system, when the user starts a computer. Therefore, a boot CD is a digital data storage device that a computer can load and boot the operating system from. The computer must have an en suite program that instructs to load and execute the programs from the boot CD. A boot CD is usually used during operating system installations, Data recovery processes, Hardware or software problems, personalizing the operating system etc.

Error Message: DIVIDE_BY_ZERO_ERROR: In computing, “divide by zero” may give an exceptional result like an error message called “Error Message: DIVIDE_BY_ZERO_ERROR” or crash the program from further execution or even generate a positive or negative infinity. A division by zero is a basically an illegal operation that is usually caused by a software limitation or a conflict with the computer memory.

Reasons to the divide by zero error: The reasons for an error message as “Error Message: DIVIDE_BY_ZERO_ERROR” would be when

· The hardware and the software do not suit each other.

· When there is any sort of error present in the autoexec.bat or config.sys file.

· When there is any problem with the drivers.

· When there are any issues with the software dealt with.

· Due to the second level hoard or the external hoard

· When improper calculation

· When there is any issues with the operating system

· When there are any hardware problems.

These are few very common reasons due to which this error message happens.

Solution: The solution to these problems depends on the reason causing it, which would be:

· If the error occurred due to the reason that both the hardware and software are not compatible with each other, then do make sure that the software requirements are met by the hardware it is implemented on. Also make sure if the software updates have to be made or the software used has to be replaced.

· In case where the error occurred due to autoexec.bat or config.sys file issues, the solution would be that Microsoft Windows 3.x users can temporarily remove the non required parts in the respective files. Incase of Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows 98 users, the autoexec.bat and config.sys file has to be temporarily renamed.

· If the error occurs due to driver issues, then ensure that all the cards as video card, sound card, network card and modem has been updated to the latest.

· If it is due to a software program, ensure if the software is up to date and check if other programs as “anti virus programs” running in the background are causing the issue.

· If it is due to the external cache then temporarily disable it in the CMOS set up.

· If the user is calculating in any programs as “EXEL” then ensure the calculation done is right, as at times illegal instructions are followed due to incorrect calculations.

· If the issue is with the operating system it is recommended to re install the OS.

· Usually when none of the above resolves the error, it ends up to be a hard ware problem when is usually in the CPU of a system.

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