What You Should Know About Child Support

What you should know about child support

Child support benefits the children, not the parents. Absent parents have an obligation to the child they have helped to bring into this world. Children deserve to be taken care of financially and emotionally by both parents.

Do you know everything there is to know about child support? Sometimes it can be tricky.

It is enforced if an order is in place. Child support is definitely enforced. A court order will make sure this takes place.

Medical support. Medical support is often calculated into child support. These two usually go hand in hand. An absent parent is often required not only to pay child support but to provide medical support as well.

Income. Child support is calculated by the income of both parents. Income is a very important aspect of figuring what the payment plan will be each month. Every income needs to be calculated into the formula so the maximum amount can be given to the child.

Non support is a criminal offense. Each state has its own laws and guidelines for child support. If an order is in place, nonpayment can result the absent parent being charged with a crime. If the amount exceeds more than $1,000, it is considered a criminal offense.

Child support is for the best interest of the child. Parents who are ordered to pay child support often do not realize it can be deducted from their wages, whether or not they want it to be. A formula is used to calculate just how much the parent taking care of will receive for the child itself.

Child support can be recalculated at any time. Loss of wages needs to be reported immediately to the worker in charge of the case. Some absent parents fail to notify workers of a change of address and a change in wages.

If you love to travel and owe more than $1,000 in back child support, you cannot obtain a passport. There are a lot of things you can be denied for if you do not pay your child support. Not only will you lose your passport privileges, you can also lose your drivers’ license and face jail time. None of these is fun to lose.

You should not deny your child of being taken care of. You helped bring them into this world, so it is your responsibility to take care of them emotionally and financially. Do not let your children down. Take care of them. They need you.

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