A Nightmare in Transit

I was flying out of Asheville, NC and had gotten to the airport at 5:30am with my itinerary. After the ticket counter opened up, I went to get checked in. I gave the lady my itinerary and she ended up printing out the luggage tags and tickets with the wrong info on them four times in a row. Finally, she printed off the luggage tags and the ticket with the right first name and flight info but I didn’t realize the last name was wrong until TSA said something. I went back to the counter, explained problem to the manager, and it finally got corrected. At this point, I already knew something else was going to go wrong but I couldn’t figure out what. After getting screened, I finally got to the gate and waited to board. Later, as I was sitting in the plane watching the luggage handlers load the plane, I noticed I never saw my bags. I figured they probably loaded them when I wasn’t looking and so I put it to the back of my mind. I was wrong. Then during my connection at O’Hare, I had to literally run to the gate and still just barely caught my flight. When I got to Evansville, In – my destination – I spent 30 minutes at baggage claim waiting for my bags before finally going to Lost Luggage. Fortunately, the airline found them on a flight that arrived 9 hours later and delivered it the next day.

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