Megaupload Users Plan to Sue Over Lost Files

COMMENTARY | According to TorrentFreak, users of the file-sharing giant MegaUpload that was taken offline by the FBI earlier this month are planning to sue the FBI over their lost files.

While the site was taken offline due to claims of excessive piracy, not everyone used the site for such controversial means. I, personally, used the site to backup important photographs, home videos, and share large files between team members while working on web-based content. It truly was a much-needed and -loved service. Much like everyone else, I no longer have access to my files and fear they will be lost forever.

Due to the current circumstances affecting millions of ex-users worldwide, Pirate Parties have started a list of known people affected and are planning to file a complaint against the U.S. authorities responsible. “The widespread damage caused by the sudden closure of Megaupload is unjustified and completely disproportionate to the aim intended,” they said. I couldn’t agree more.

Unfortunately, while I feel their agenda is noble and I support it 100 percent, I can not help but feel anyone with “pirate” in their name is not helping matters, but only making them worse. I sure wouldn’t want to be represented by a group called “Pirate Parties,” especially in a case that is meant to distance piracy from the MegaUpload fiasco. Maybe they would have a better chance of being taken seriously if they changed their name to something more professional.

The servers more than likely have not been wiped, as they are required for evidence against MegaUpload. This, of course, means all the legitimate files would remain on them as well. So, there is a chance that files may be restored to their rightful owners in the future. Attempting to sue the FBI will likely not amount to anything but some internet attention and the occasional news headline. But, at most, I can see the FBI allowing access to the accounts of those who vocally spoke out against their action and joined Pirate Parties agenda.

Regardless of your opinion, you may join the legal movement by clicking here. I wish everyone involved good luck, despite my skeptical opinion.

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