Obama or Bush? Who Maimed the Economy?

I find it amazing that after four years of the economy deteriorating, people are still blaming George Bush for the status of the United States. What did Bush do to ruin the economy? Many people say that Bush was the cause of the horrendous state of the economy, but have little information to back up their accusations. However, when I think of how Obama has mutilated the economy, many examples come to mind.

Not long after Obama was sworn into office, he started proposing his stimulus package estimated to be about $819,000,000,000. This was a stupid idea to begin with. Most 6th graders know that the reason the United States can’t just print more money is because it would create major inflation problems, but somehow the Senate didn’t think of that. When Obama first proposed his stimulus package in 2009, it received zero votes from the senate, but he kept pushing it and pushing it until they finally gave in. Since Obama’s stimulus package passed, inflation has increased dramatically within Indian reservations and has generally increased throughout the United States. He also failed to end the war in the Middle East like he had promised back in 2009, which wasted millions of dollars! Most people can’t even recall why we are at war in the Middle East. It seems like classified information. In addition, Obama expanded medicare which hurt the economy as well! It put smaller insurance agencies out of business! Obama has also increased taxes on businesses as well as the rich and middle class Americans. Increased taxes have caused many small businesses to close their doors. Big businesses can afford the high taxes, but smaller businesses, the building blocks of the economy which supply millions of people with jobs, cannot afford the taxes. This is one of the major reasons why the economy is how it is. The money collected in taxes from citizens and businesses are spent in welfare, food stamps, and bridge cards, which is absolutely ridiculous! In America, the government makes it easier to be unemployed and poor than to have a job. For those who don’t work, financial aid is abundant. For those who are employed, sadly, their hard-earned money is taken away and given to those who are unemployed. In my mind that is undoubtedly stealing.

My point is that bush did little to hurt the economy; in fact Bush did little of anything positive or negative that affected the economy in any way. Obama is the one who has really done a number on the economy and my goal is to educate people about how he’s done it so the mistake is not made in the future.

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